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Mia Barnes


About the author

Hey I'm Mia! I love writing about health and wellness. I'm a journalist and a big-time foodie hailing from the northeast. Hope you enjoy my work!


8 Healthy Snack Ideas for Young Athletes

If you’re looking for healthy snack ideas for your kids, there are so many delicious foods to choose from. Especially if you have young athletes, it’s important to have variety. You can’t feed them carrot sticks all the time, just like they certainly can’t live on sugar. It’s all about balance. Whether you’re throwing snack […]

10 Best Traveling Jobs for Young Adults

With so many opportunities out there, more young people are seeking out employment nowadays that allows them to see the world. Regardless of your educational background or professional experience, there are tons of epic travel jobs available for young adults. Here are ten of the best traveling jobs out there.  Travel Magazine If you are […]

How to Conquer Itchy Allergy Eyes

It’s never easy to have uncomfortable, itchy eyes. It makes it difficult to focus on your work or having fun with your family because it’s on your mind all the time. Maybe your eyes hurt when you blink or it feels better when they’re closed.  In some cases, people think that itchy eyes are their […]

5 Thickening Tricks for Thin Hair

We’re all born with a specific hair type that correlates with each individual hair strand’s diameter. If you don’t know what to call your hair type, grab a single strand and rub it between your fingers. Do you feel anything? If not, you probably have fine hair. It may surprise you to know that you […]

Seven Healthy Snacks for Evening Cravings

So you’ve stayed awake long enough that your stomach has started growling again, huh? Or perhaps you’re just feeling that craving for a snack. Or maybe you did go to sleep, but now you’ve awakened to a hungry stomach that’s ready to eat. In any case, you need a snack that satisfies your hunger in […]

How to Start a Daily Self-Reflection Routine (And Why You Should)

Reflecting on yourself and the decisions that you have made in your life is a useful habit. Yet when is the last time that you did daily self-reflection or self-reflection in general? If you believe in New Year’s resolutions, you may reflect on yourself at the end of every year. Why should you limit yourself […]

8 Tips for Glowing Skin in the Summer

Just when I thought it would never arrive, I checked my calendar to see that summer is right around the corner. I needed a lot more work to get myself ready than simply swapping out my favorite magenta lip shade for a pastel. I needed to give my dull, winter skin some serious TLC in […]

How to Turn Your Home into a Gym During Quarantine

These days, many of us are finding ourselves trying to workout at home instead of the gym. People accustomed to using tons of equipment during a workout are struggling to adjust, especially if you do not have access to regular equipment, like dumbbells, at home.  With a bit of creativity, you can easily turn your […]

Can’t Drink Coffee? Try These 5 Alternatives

Although coffee seems to have become synonymous with a successful early morning routine, this caffeine-laden substance simply isn’t for everyone. Maybe the taste of coffee makes your purse your lips. Or perhaps you were once so coffee-obsessed that drinking too much of this drink gave you the jitters. Regardless of your reason to swear off […]

Can Codependency Ever Be Healthy?

As humans, we long for connection — especially a romantic connection. We want someone we can share our troubles with, our daily lives with, and hopefully form a family and build a life with. But the success of a relationship depends on the level of emotional connection the two parties feel for one another. Sometimes, […]

Nine Essential Vitamins for Healthy Nails 

A lot of women love to get their nails done, whether it’s a normal manicure, gels or acrylics. Either way, our nails look amazing — until we take off the fancy manicures and see the effects of getting our nails done too many times in a row! Or maybe your nails are just naturally like […]

12 Fun Summer Date Ideas

Summer is finally here after a harsh winter, and if you’re anything like me and my sweetie, you’re jonesing to get out and have some fun in the sun with your beau. And the warm season offers a wealth of ideas for making date night special without necessarily blowing through a bankroll. Many romantic and […]

Raw Food Diet Pros and Cons

Maybe you’re researching diets in an attempt to shed those few pesky pounds hanging on to your hips. Or perhaps you’re motivated by a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. For many people, the decision to commit to a new diet ultimately stems from an underlying wish to optimize their sense of well-being. If you’re […]