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Mia Barnes


About the author

Hey I'm Mia! I love writing about health and wellness. I'm a journalist and a big-time foodie hailing from the northeast. Hope you enjoy my work!


10 Delicious Breakfast Meals That Are Extremely Filling

When you wake up in the morning, eating might not be the first thing on your mind. By the time you get ready for your day and leave your house, you might forget to have breakfast. Instead of listening to your growling stomach all morning and pushing through a lack of energy, you can plan […]

7 Tips for Anxious Flyers

Flying is a modern necessity, especially if it’s an integral part of your job or family life. You might travel weekly to teach at conferences or visit out-of-state loved ones every month. Whatever your reason, your upcoming flight still makes you nervous.  Whether you’ve never flown before or can’t shake your nerves, fear makes flying […]

Possible Causes of Baby Acne

As a new parent, you may notice that your baby has small white or red bumps on their face or body. This skin condition isn’t rare – otherwise known as neonatal acne, baby acne appears on many newborns only weeks after they’re born. Though doctors aren’t sure about why baby acne happens, there are some […]

Foam Roll Stretches for Muscle Pain Relief

After a tough exercise, you probably feel a little tight and achy. Maybe you stretch out your arms and legs before you move on to your next task, but even the next day, you notice a soreness. As your muscles repair in between workouts, it’s essential to treat them right. Here are five ways to […]

Romantic Attraction vs. Sexual Attraction: Learn the Difference

It’s thrilling to meet someone new who captures your attention. You may have found them through a dating app or a local event you volunteered at. No matter how you met this person, they’ve got your heartstrings in a twist because you’re not sure how you feel. Sometimes people make romantic connections and other times, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Non-Toxic Beauty

Once you develop a beauty routine, it’s easy to become comfortable with the products you trust. They give you the look and results you want, so why try anything else? Even though it’s tempting to stick with what you know, the products in your makeup bag could harm your health. Most people would assume that […]

6 Supportive Things You Can Say to a Friend Struggling With Their Mental Health

It’s never easy to watch someone you love struggle with their mental health. As a friend, you want to jump in and help them in any way you can, but it’s not always easy or possible to improve someone’s mental health. While fixing the problem isn’t usually an option, you can support them and let […]

5 Ways to Practice Self-Compassion in Ten Minutes or Less

Showing compassion and care for yourself is an important part of maintaining both mental and physical health. While basic, responsible self-care should always be a main priority, self-compassion is also a piece of the puzzle.  While self-care is the act of performing the necessary steps to take care of your needs as a person, self-compassion […]

Finally Cutting Off Your Toxic Ex

If you find yourself wondering, “Why does my ex keep texting me?” but you keep responding to them, this one’s for you. There are plenty of reasons that people cling to exes and old relationships that aren’t serving them, like feeling lonely or remembering the lingering sense of comfort with that person. Becoming aware of […]

How to Choose Nails for Any Hand or Finger Shape

When was the last time you thought about your hand shape? Probably never! It’s important to consider this factor before you get a manicure. If you want to choose the best nails for small hands, for example, you’ll need to pick a different style than others would select. Here are a few ways to select […]

7 Tips to Help a Long Distance Relationship Last

Long distance relationships can be tough at the same time as they can be beautiful and filled with hope. Most people would much prefer to have their sweetheart right by their side all the time rather than miles away. Even though the two of you could probably text or FaceTime all day long, there’s something […]

Practices You Can Adopt to Grow With Your Partner

Whether you’ve been together for a while or your relationship is just getting started, having a steady partner doesn’t mean that you have to stop growing or engaging in personal development. If anything, a healthy relationship should help both people blossom and reach their full potential.  Working together on personal development is a great way […]

5 Cheap Lunch Ideas for Work

You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on a small to-go order from your local chain restaurant. Instead, you can put together packed meals that taste better and cost less. Plus, they’re more sustainable for the planet – and you’ll have more time to enjoy your lunch break. Here are five cheap lunch ideas […]