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You never plan on getting hurt or coming down with a cold, but when it happens, do you have a safety net? At some point in your life, you’ll need health care, even if it’s only an annual checkup with your doctor.

Health insurance helps you with those expensive medical bills. Without affordable health insurance, you might end up paying more than you can afford for something like surgery, an emergency room visit or prescriptions. Insurance companies aim to provide you with financial protection from unexpected medical costs.

Through the years, various health care and insurance policies have changed to make health insurance available and within reach for all. Affordable health insurance in Alaska is available for you. Here are some choices to help you find the right plan, whether you’re younger, older, single or have a large family to provide for.

Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield

Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield is the largest health insurance provider in the Pacific Northwest. They serve over 2 million people. Whether you’re single, have a family or work with a Fortune 500 company, Premera could be a good fit for you.


You already know that Premera is a well-established insurance provider in the Pacific Northwest. Here are a few other advantages to choosing Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield:

  • Virtual health care is available when you get a plan through Premera, which is essential during this time.
  • You get preventive care with no out-of-pocket costs.
  • Mental health care, vision, dental and Medicare options are available.


It’s best to know the advantages and disadvantages of a health insurance provider. Here’s a notable downside of Premera:

  • Premera only offers individual coverage in Franklin, Grays Harbor, King, Kitsap, Pacific, Skamania and Wahkiakum counties. If you don’t live in one of these counties, you are not eligible.

To view prices, you must visit their website and request a free quote, which takes little time.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare offers a wide range of health insurance plans for those living in Alaska. Family, Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid, self-employed, Dual Eligible Special Needs and Children’s Health Insurance Program plans are all available through United Healthcare. United Healthcare is a large, nationwide health insurer.

Here are some examples of plans they provide for affordable health insurance in Alaska.

  • Medicare and Medicaid: These plans are specific for those 65+ or with lower incomes.
  • Individual and family: There are many options through United Healthcare if you are younger than 65, including short-term options, dental and vision.
  • Employer: Whether you’re part of a small or large business, United Healthcare can find a plan for your company.

With such a wide variety of options, you’re sure to find something for your needs through United Healthcare. Listed below are some advantages and disadvantages to this provider.


United Healthcare includes many benefits:

  • The online website is easy to navigate, with multiple tools for members to use.
  • United Healthcare ranks in the top 10 health insurance groups.
  • They offer support for healthy living.


Below are a few of the issues customers have noticed with United Healthcare:

  • Programs are state-specific, so if you move away from Alaska, you can’t take your plan with you.
  • As with almost any product, some customers have left negative reviews.

Moda Health Assurance

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Moda Health has been running since 1955, making them a well-established health insurance facility. They offer individual, family and employer plans. They’ve partnered with Delta Dental to provide dental care to customers as well.

Here are some examples of Moda Health’s available plans for Alaska residents.

  • Gold: This plan has low deductibles and a minimum $25 copay. Some people are eligible for vision and hearing coverage, as well.
  • Silver: The Silver plan has modest deductibles. It also has a minimum $25 copay, and it can include vision and hearing, just like the Gold plan.
  • Bronze: Bronze plans offer a high deductible. Hearing exams are available for these members.

Depending on your age and family size, health insurance rates will vary. With every health insurance provider, there are pros and cons. Here’s what you should know about Moda Health Assurance insurance.


There are many advantages when you choose Moda Health as your insurance provider.

  • Moda partners with Delta Dental, so you can easily find a dental care option through them.
  • Moda Health offers three tiers, or benefit levels.
  • Coverage is available for people who leave the state.


  • Out-of-state health insurance coverage is only available when you’re on Tier 1.
  • Some reviewers of this insurance group cite financial woes. Be sure to read reviews before choosing your health insurance plan.


Based on a single 30-year-old with zero dependents, the lowest cost per month is about $312, and the highest price is nearly $400 per month. Again, this changes depending on your unique status.

Affordable Health Insurance in Alaska for You

As you navigate the world of health insurance plans in Alaska, remember to look for one that fits your lifestyle. Additionally, review all the potential advantages and disadvantages of working with a company to ensure you’re getting quality, affordable coverage.

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