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You’ve found insurance plans to cover your life, your car and even your most expensive electronics, but what happens if you need a doctor? Finding healthcare that works with a budget isn’t always easy. Check out the most affordable health insurance in Kansas to find coverage that won’t strain your finances.

Whether you need expensive prescriptions, frequent checkups or specialized scans, there’s an affordable health insurance plan for you. Compare what these companies offer in your price range so you never have to skip life-saving medical care.

1. Ambetter from Sunflower Health Plan

Many people find the insurance they need in one of Ambetter’s three tiers. The company tailors monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs to ensure you spend money only on what you need. Ambulatory care, therapy services and even substance abuse facilities fall within Ambetter’s essential health benefits. Kansas residents should research the balanced plans that could save them more money every month.

2. UnitedHealthcare

Sometimes national health insurance companies have the right deal for people on a budget. UnitedHealthcare offers monthly payments for short-term insurance that’s flexible with your evolving health needs. Read about their critical illness and accident coverage and look through their dental plans so you get all the coverage you need in one lump sum.

3. Oscar Medicare Advantage

Oscar offers a new kind of health insurance that works alongside Medicare. Low-income individuals and families can find affordable and convenient care at home and in doctors’ offices. Oscar insurance provides telemedicine and prescription delivery services in addition to free primary care, dental and visit services. It’s available to everyone regardless of their age or preexisting conditions.

4. BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas

Kansas residents can research affordable health insurance provided by BlueCross BlueShield. In addition to individual and family plans, the company designed specialized cancer insurance that pays cash if you have to check in to your local hospital. People on a budget are the primary audience for these plans, so you’re bound to find a tier that works with your monthly finances and unique needs.

5. Medica With Healthier You

Medica provides health insurance for people in middle America. Enrollees get covered care from Ascension Via Christi and numerous local providers. Visit your preferred specialists, schedule free vaccinations and work with a personal Health Advocate so you always get the medical services you need to thrive.

6. Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Families who need specialized health insurance for their kids may be eligible for CHIP. Funded by the federal government, this program delivers comprehensive health coverage to families who make too much to qualify for Medicaid. You won’t have to worry about emergency services or requesting lab results, in addition to routine appointments and immunizations.

Every state handles charges differently, so research what you’d have to pay for services in your town. Copayments and monthly premiums will consider your income before you have to sign any paperwork.

7. Cigna Health and Life Insurance

You might not have health insurance if you recently had a major life event or got diagnosed with COVID-19. Cigna will still cover you, even if you dropped your previous plan voluntarily. Their plans don’t require a referral for specialists and cover virtual care completely, so you can access medical professionals at home or in person for little to no out-of-pocket cost.

8. KanCare Insurance

Although Medicaid is a federal health insurance program, Kansas administers it through KanCare. Over 415,000 people get integrated care through personalized plans that work with their yearly income. KanCare covers numerous services, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Behavioral health services
  • Nursing facility care

You and your family can experience any of the services covered by the federal government with the assistance of local professionals who know nearby providers. Even something as simple as preventative services could change your life without costing a dime, thanks to KanCare’s yearly open enrollment season.

Get Affordable Health Insurance in Kansas

Affordable health insurance in Kansas is only a few clicks away. Research these companies and compare their plans. They might provide more coverage than your previous insurance and fit your budget better. Accessing medical services without worrying about the financial repercussions could save lives and prevent illnesses, all because you reached out to companies like these that can help.

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