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8 Natural Ways to Boost the Immune System

2020 may be behind us — however, cold and flu season is here, and COVID-19 lingers on like an unwanted houseguest. It’s wise to do whatever you can to stay healthier.  Fortunately, you can strengthen your body’s innate germ defense system. Here are eight natural ways to boost the immune system and stay healthier this […]

8 Risk Factors for Heart Attacks That You Can Control

Heart attacks scare many as much as the fabled “Big C,” and for a good reason. Cardiovascular issues remain the number one killer of both men and women.  You can’t control all heart attack risk factors. If you were born with a genetic propensity for high blood pressure, you might need medication for life. Likewise, […]

10 Achilles Tendonitis Exercises

Achilles tendonitis can put a damper on your athletic career. Trying to play through such an injury can prove disastrous, but the right exercises can help you heal.  The perfect recovery regimen combines flexibility and strength. Here are ten Achilles tendonitis exercises to try the next time your heel starts to ache.  1. Stair Calf […]

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Here’s How Junk Food Affects Your Body

Have you ever wondered how much damage one hot dog or bag of chips can do to your body? Scientists don’t have precise answers, given the wide variation in human metabolism and digestion. However, there’s no doubt that what you put in your mouth impacts your health. A healthy diet requires balance. It’s okay if […]

9 Ways to Clean Up Your Everyday Diet

You might have heard the term “eating clean.” What does it mean, exactly? Various people have developed unique definitions of what qualifies as a healthy diet. It also seems like a new fad arises nearly every day. How can you sort through the hype and find a realistic eating style that works for your body? […]

5 Reasons Practicing Good Nutritional Habits Is Important

2020 and 2021 might go down in history as years of inherent contradiction. Nearly everyone is more concerned with their health than ever, but dealing with daily pandemic realities has too many relying on processed convenience foods — to their physical and mental detriment. When life gets busy, it’s natural to look for easy, fast […]

How Good Food Impacts Your Mood

Most people know that gut feeling — when you eat right and take care of your body, you naturally feel better in your skin. But there’s actually a science behind why eating right and getting the nutrients you need can make your body and mind feel like you’re on top of the world. That’s right […]

Woman standing in front of blue wall with hands outstretched

Why Self-Esteem Is Important

Has anyone ever said you have low self-esteem? While you might think it’s no big deal when you don’t feel aces about yourself, the reality is that a poor self-image can affect multiple facets of your life.  You must maintain a healthy sense of who you are to avoid slipping into despair. However, that isn’t […]

woman confidently looking at herself in the mirror

8 Activities That Will Boost Your Confidence

How’s your self-esteem? If 2020 gave you a pounding that you won’t soon forget, you might feel a little bit down on yourself. While your emotions are relatable, dust yourself off, warrior — even surviving this unprecedented year took chutzpah.  Your self-esteem can impact nearly every aspect of your life, so it pays to give […]

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Bladder Infection Treatment: Home Remedies That Work

You wake up with a flaming hot bowling ball in your lower body. When you go to relieve yourself, it feels like fire.  If you have frequent bladder infections, you don’t always have the time or money to go to the doctor for a cure. Here are eight home remedies that work as at-home bladder […]

Top 10 Tips for Stress Management

Can somebody please dub 2020 the Official Year of Stress Management already? It seems as if many folks added: “managing their emotions” as a full-time job on their resumes this past year.  What can you do when it all seems overwhelming, and you fear you may crack? Before you do anything you could live to […]

How to Deal With Chronic Illness: 8 Tips

Living with a chronic illness can drain you physically, mentally — and financially. Unfortunately, no one gives you a crash course on how to deal with your condition.  You now have to navigate a new world of diet plans, medications, appointments with providers and workplace accommodations. You also have to learn how to cope with […]

How to Prevent a Stroke: 8 Tips

Strokes affect hundreds of thousands of Americans yearly. These cerebrovascular accidents can have lifelong consequences and cause permanent disability.  While rapid intervention can halt severe brain damage, relatively few access services in time. Therefore, it’s vital to do what you can to decrease your risk. Here are eight tips for how to prevent a stroke […]

How to Prevent a Heart Attack: 8 Methods

Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of American men and women. How can you prevent a heart attack and other trouble from ending your days prematurely?  While you can’t change risk factors like your genetic makeup, heredity only plays a small role in determining your overall chances. You can control the environmental factors that […]