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Sunday Reset Ideas for a Better Week

A Sunday reset will be perfect for you if you…

Jan 04, 2023 - Mia Barnes

Newlywed Presents Every Couple Wants

Finding the perfect gift for a couple can feel challenging….

Dec 05, 2022 - Beth Rush

The Purpose of a Mood Board: Why You Should Make One

The purpose of a mood board is to flesh out,…

Nov 28, 2022 - Beth Rush
how to build an empire

Build an Empire: 5 Methods for Self-Employed Individuals

Imagine yourself at the center of a vast empire. People…

Nov 11, 2022 - Beth Rush
A dog on a veterinary exam table

The 10 Best Dog Health Tips

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they provide limitless love…

Nov 09, 2022 - Mia Barnes

New Mother Tips New Moms Need to Know

New moms are warriors. Becoming a new mother is both…

Nov 02, 2022 - Mia Barnes
a couple holding hands while talking to a marriage counselor

How to Find the Right Marriage Counselor for Your Relationship

Are you interested in marriage counseling? There are many reasons…

Nov 01, 2022 - Beth Rush
how to reuse candle wax

How to Reuse Candle Wax: 11 Ideas

Repurposing offers the ultimate in sustainability. You don’t even need…

Oct 24, 2022 - Lucas Cook
how long do salt lamps last

How Long Do Salt Lamps Last? Are They Worth the Investment?

Maybe you saw one at your favorite yoga studio or…

Oct 21, 2022 - Lucas Cook

How to Make a Mood Board

Whether you have a new creative project or goals you…

Oct 17, 2022 - Beth Rush
Are cloth diapers worth it

Are Cloth Diapers Worth It? 3 Considerations

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, one necessity…

Oct 12, 2022 - Lucas Cook
determining your life's priorities

Determining Your Life’s Priorities: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself 

Are you one of the many people reevaluating your priorities…

Oct 10, 2022 - Lucas Cook

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the importance of trusting yourself

The Importance of Trusting Yourself: 6 Exercises

Do your “spidey senses” sometimes tingle? Have you ever kicked yourself for not following your…

Oct 05, 2022 - Lucas Cook
what to do with leftover candle wax

What to Do With Leftover Candle Wax: 9 Fun Ideas 

Few things compare to scented candles for freshening your indoor air and adding ambience to…

Oct 03, 2022 - Lucas Cook
before and after furniture restoration

Before and After Furniture Restoration: An 6-Step Guide 

Maybe you’re getting ready to move, or perhaps it’s spring housecleaning time. Either way, you…

Sep 30, 2022 - Lucas Cook
what is forest bathing

What Is Forest Bathing?

When was the last time you took an overnight camping trip? It turns out that…

Sep 30, 2022 - Beth Rush
increase intimacy in your relationship

7 Ways to Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship 

When you first meet someone new, getting to know them preoccupies a lot of your…

Sep 28, 2022 - Lucas Cook

How to Fix Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Having a dog that doesn’t like to be left alone can hinder your lifestyle. Separation…

Sep 23, 2022 - Mia Barnes
9 daily goals

9 Daily Goals to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life 

What one action could you take today to change your life? You might think that…

Sep 05, 2022 - Lucas Cook

Meeting Your Partner’s Siblings? We Got You.

Meeting a loved one’s family can be an intimidating experience – especially meeting their siblings.…

Aug 18, 2022 - Mia Barnes

Do Salt Lamps Melt?

Himalayan salt lamps are aesthetically pleasing and find a place in many homes. While many…

May 04, 2022 - Mia Barnes

How to Clean Out Candle Jars: 3 Ways

Winter is the best season for burning candles. Their bright flames and warming scents bring…

Apr 08, 2022 - Mia Barnes
Relationship Exercises to Build Trust

8 Relationship Exercises to Build Trust

Falling in love is exciting. However, you might find it hard to trust if you’ve…

Apr 04, 2022 - Mia Barnes
Maintain Social Health

How to Maintain Social Health: 8 Tips

Humans are inherently social beings. We look to others for cues on behaving and surviving…

Mar 28, 2022 - Lucas Cook