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What Is Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy and How Does It Work?

Thyroid hormone replacement therapy sounds a bit scary at first, but it is simply a method of ensuring your body has the correct balance to maintain its health and functions. Sometimes hormones are not produced at the rate they should be, which can lead to various health problems. Be sure to consult with your doctor […]

8 Long-Lasting Benefits of Couples Therapy

When you fell in love with your partner, they gave you butterflies that made all your troubles fade away. You knew you could conquer anything together, but then life got hard. When things get difficult, you can always reap the benefits of couples therapy together. Going to therapy doesn’t mean your relationship is broken or […]

fitness plan

What Is a Fitness Plan, and How Can It Benefit Your Life?

Do you want to lose weight or get into shape, but don’t know where to start? Have you been exercising regularly, but not seeing your desired results? Do you look around the gym and choose each machine randomly? Well, a fitness plan may be the pathway to your dreams. Keep reading to uncover why a […]


8 Cycling Benefits and Advantages That You Can’t Beat

Are you seeking the ideal way to get in shape? Cycling offers a ton of benefits and advantages that other forms of exercise lack.  While you need to invest in a quality ride for the best experience, you can find models to suit various price ranges. Once you have what you need, prepare to get […]

mental health

How Mental Health Impacts Your Physical Health — and Tips for Improving Both

Most people consider their minds and bodies two different beasts. However, research and anecdotes from historical philosophers reaffirm that what you do to one affects the other.  How does your mental health impact your physical health? Can your thoughts and behaviors worsen your symptoms or help heal ailments? How can you improve both your body […]

ear infection

7 Common Causes of Ear Infections

A recent yawn, laugh or sneeze brought attention to a strange pain in your ear. After a quick exam, you found the pain resonating from inside your ear instead of an external piercing or bruise. This pain is likely a sign of an ear infection, but what might have caused it? Read about these seven […]

heartburn during pregnancy

6 Home Remedies for Heartburn During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has many common side effects that get irritating after a while. When your morning sickness subsides and you get your energy back, you might notice heartburn appearing more often than before. Acid reflux is a typical part of most pregnancy experiences, but you don’t have to deal with it through your delivery. Check out […]

yoga for weight loss

Yoga for Weight Loss: 8 Benefits

Are you still clinging to the idea that you have to train for a marathon or log the gym hours of a bodybuilder to lose weight? Nonsense! One of the most effective tools in your calorie counting arsenal might be one of exercise’s gentler forms. How can you use yoga for weight loss, and what […]

swimming for exercise

8 Benefits of Swimming for Exercise

Do you need a new fitness regimen? The new year is here, and that means it’s time to set your resolutions. Have you considered the life aquatic?  Getting in the water offers a host of advantages over land-based workouts. Here are eight benefits of swimming for exercise that will have you donning your bathing suit […]