10 Best Traveling Jobs for Young Adults

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday May 28, 2020

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With so many opportunities out there, more young people are seeking out employment nowadays that allows them to see the world. Regardless of your educational background or professional experience, there are tons of epic travel jobs available for young adults. Here are ten of the best traveling jobs out there. 

Travel Magazine

If you are passionate about travel, working for a travel magazine can be an amazing experience. Typical jobs will require a background in writing, graphic design or tourism. If you are interested in the culinary side of travel, food magazines are also a great opportunity. 

Hostel or Hotel

Working in hospitality is an easy way to travel the world while maintaining stable employment. Working at a hostel can be a great way to meet other young people, and working at a hotel can come with added perks like access to amenities and possible housing options.

Language School

If you are interested in education or working with kids, teaching at a language school is an awesome way to see the world. Most programs require an interest in languages and education, though you may be able to find opportunities that are more open-ended. If you plan on staying in one location for an extended period of time, the academic schedule might be accommodating for your local travel plans.

Au Pair

If you enjoy working with kids, another alternative to working at a school is being an au pair. Au pair is a nanny, who often lives with the family they work for. Being an au pair definitely comes with its challenges, especially if you are traveling to an area where you do not speak the language fluently or are unaccustomed to cultural differences. However, being an au pair is possibly the best way to immerse yourself in a new place. 

Traveling Nurse

If you have a nursing degree, being a travel nurse can be a fun and rewarding way to travel the globe. Traveling nurses can be assigned anywhere, and you can often choose how long you wish to be in one place. 

Flight Attendant

While definitely the most predictable option, working as a flight attendant is also one of the best traveling jobs out there. Not only do you get travel, but you also learn how to live on the road and get used to being on the go all the time. 


Use your photography skills to see new places. Whether you are interested in nature photography or shooting a wedding in Bali, photography allows you to work from anywhere. As long as you can find wi-fi connection to edit images, working as a photographer often allows a more flexible schedule than other travel work. 

Ski Resort

You don’t have to know how to ski to work at a ski resort. While there are certainly jobs working as a ski instructor, you can also find employment working in hospitality at a resort, or helping with other duties that are required. Ski resorts tend to employ lots of young people all over the world, and provides seasonal opportunities to experience new places.


Another great way to use your language skills is to work as a translator. Organizations and companies across all industries need translators, especially with today’s global economy. People are always looking for professionals who can help translate conversations, documents and other important information.

Organic Farming

Organic farms around the globe often employ young people seasonally. This experience can be life-changing, even if you’ve never worked on a farm before. The most popular organization for finding organic farming jobs around the world is WWOOF, although reaching out to individual farms is also an option. If you are looking for the experience and don’t necessarily need a steady income, many farms provide housing and food in exchange for farm labor.

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