15 Unique Social Distancing Date Ideas

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Saturday October 24, 2020

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The dating landscape may have changed, but there’s no need to halt the romance. Whether it’s your first date, a night with your spouse or a day with friends, there’s a socially distanced date for you!

Check out these 15 fun and creative social distancing date ideas.

When You Live Together

Netflix and chill can only count as your date night for so long. It’s time to try something new! Here are some ideas to take a swing at:

1. Plan a Picnic in the Park

Make your food date exciting by planning a picnic. Either cook at home together or order takeout. Package it up in a cute basket and bring along utensils.

Then find a quiet spot in your yard or a local park and enjoy the special meal.

2. Go Stargazing

Take advantage of the clear night sky by going stargazing. Use a phone app to determine what constellations will be visible on that specific night.

This date can be educational and romantic. Bring a blanket to cuddle up on while you gaze up at the night sky.

3. Build a Pillow Fort and Watch a Movie

Embrace your inner child by building a pillow fort together. Snuggle close and read a book or watch a movie. It could be fun to watch each other’s favorite childhood films.

This is a great date idea if you want to include your children or just keep things lighthearted.

4. Organize a Virtual Double Date

Plan a virtual double date with another couple. You get to spend time with your friends while also enjoying a date night with your significant other.

This can be a lovely way to share big news or meet someone’s new date.

5. Create a Dance Party at Home

Make your own dance party at home by dimming the lights and putting on your favorite playlist. Enjoy the chance to let loose and reconnect with your partner.

Spice things up by taking an online dance class together. There’s a clear link between dancing and sex, so don’t be surprised if the night ends in the bedroom.

When You Must Stay 6 Feet Apart

Dates can be exciting even when you must keep 6 feet apart. Here’s how:

6. Experience a Virtual Museum Tour

Experience the beauty of museums even if there’s a closed sign on the door. Google has teamed up with museums around the world to offer virtual exhibits free of charge. Check out galleries in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Paris — who knew virtual dating could be so stimulating?

Video chat simultaneously to experience one another’s reactions to the various paintings and artifacts.

7. Make a Scavenger Hunt

Now is your opportunity to create an epic scavenger hunt. Create a treasure map or plan a series of clues leading your date to a gift or special spot.

They’ll love the adventure while also getting to learn more about you!

8. Write a Letter and Include a Mixtape

Go back to the basics by writing a letter to your special someone. Receiving mail is special because a handwritten note feels personal and romantic.

Include a mixtape or keep things modern by including a link to a personalized online playlist made just for them!

9. Play an Online Video Game Together

Find a co-op game or get competitive online — even those without much gaming experience can have fun on this date. Playful banter will bring you closer together and give you something to laugh about.

10. Have a Traditional Phone Call (or Make It a Little Dirty)

Keep things simple by having a regular phone call. Using only the voice function will deliver an air of mystery and keep you relaxed.

Give the call a sexy twist by using the time to talk dirty to one another. This arousing conversation will help boost your sex life once you’re back together by improving communication.

When You’re on a Friend Date

Whether it’s a girls’ night or time with the bros, these social distancing dates with friends are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face:

11. Start a Book Club

Begin your very own book club and schedule monthly date nights to discuss what you thought of your latest read. If reading isn’t your thing, turn it into a movie or TV show club.

12. Create a Surprise Gift Box

If you love to shop or thrift, then this is the perfect date idea for you. Set a theme and price limit and then send the completed mystery box in the mail to your friend.

It will be like an early Christmas, and the recipient will get a chance to step outside of their comfort zone to test out new products.

Make a food-themed gift box for a fun twist and send your friends various foods they might not have tried before.

13. Organize a Cook-Off

Many people have been using quarantine time to brush up on their cooking skills. Organize a cook-off or bake-off between your friends, and then have everyone safely deliver a tasting of the goods. You’ll get a chance to show off your skills and try new delicious foods!

14. Plan an Outdoor Activity

Enjoy the fresh air by planning a group activity outdoors. You could go for a bike ride, a hike or even a golf session. These activities will keep you feeling healthy while enjoying one another’s company.

15. Go to a Drive-In Movie

Enjoy the excitement of a movie theater from the comfort of your car. Check out a drive-in movie nearby. Each person stays in their vehicle, so it’s the perfect social distancing date for a bunch of friends. Start a group call at the end of the movie to give your expert critique of the film.

Start Planning

With so many social distancing date ideas, the only question is, which one will you choose? Get creative and customize these adventures to fit your needs. Staying 6 feet apart has suddenly opened a new realm of creative possibilities, so start planning!

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