4 Common Causes of Anxiety and How to Cope

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4 causes of anxiety and how to cope
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Tuesday October 12, 2021

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If 2020 was the year of anxiety, 2021 doesn’t seem to be the era of calm. Chaos remains and will always exist in some form. Your job is to learn how to center yourself amid life’s storms. What lurks behind this uncomfortable emotion that can spiral into a disorder, causing multiple adverse health effects? Here are four common causes of anxiety and how to cope with them. 

1. Work 

The workplace ranks as the number one cause of stress among U.S. citizens. Perhaps it isn’t surprising, given the enormous reliance many employees have on their employers. They rely on their labor to provide housing, healthcare, food and other necessities. The lack of protections creates an unequal power dynamic that leaves many trapped in unhealthy situations, working way too hard for too little and never getting ahead. 

However, you can take proactive steps to minimize your work stress. If you get creative and dedicate yourself to a bit of extra labor, you can put yourself in a better position. 

If you can find a full-time post that provides the basics, the gig economy could open doors. You now have more avenues to entrepreneurship than ever before, from driving for a rideshare company to renting out your talents on sites like Fiverr. Keep careful track of your expenses, even if you don’t think of yourself as a business owner. You can deduct many of these costs come tax time. 

Also, keep yourself fresh and never stop trying if you find yourself caught in a dead-end job. If you don’t see any realistic advancement routes at your present post, update your LinkedIn profile and dust off your resume. Maintain a positive attitude and work your connections — politely let people know you’re trying to advance so that they share opportunities with you.

2. Finances

Finances likewise cause considerable stress for many people. In a capitalistic society, you need money to survive — there’s no other legal way to cover your necessities. 

Here, too, you can take meaningful action. Begin by taking a realistic look at your income and expenses. Many banks make this task easier by categorizing your purchases for you. Then, identify places where you can cut costs. It helps to download a budget app that lets you set bill pay reminders to avoid late fees and keep track of your daily spending. 

3. Relationships 

Your relationships should be your haven, but they can also cause considerable stress. The best way to address this cause of anxiety is to take a meaningful look at how you interact with others through self-examination. 

You might discover that you need to change. For example, those with an insecure attachment style have trouble forming close relationships, often due to chaos in childhood. Working with a trained therapist can help you become more secure in relating with those you love. 

Therapy also helps you recognize maladaptive patterns in others. Understanding your relationship dynamics doesn’t mean that you can change the other person, but the knowledge can help you decide whether to stay or go. 

4. Children 

If you’re a parent, you know that worrying about your kids can cause anxiety. However, you can’t let your overwhelming emotions lead to behaviors that adversely affect your child. 

Being a parent is like having your heart walk around outside your body — you can’t quell all fear when you love someone. However, you can do everything possible to ensure your little one’s safety. The best way to combat this source of anxiety is by educating yourself. 

Take your child to the doctor and dentist to ensure they hit all developmental milestones. Before allowing sleepovers, talk to the host parent to ensure they don’t have unattended guns in the home or use alcohol to excess around their little ones. Read books on how to keep children safer and rely on your intuition, not worry, to guide your decision-making. 

What to Do If You Need Help 

Taking proactive steps can quell mild anxiety. However, what can you do if your condition has reached the point where it’s causing maladaptive thought patterns, paralyzing you from taking action? 

Please reach out to a competent professional for help. If you lack insurance coverage or can’t afford your copays, look for community clinics that offer services on a sliding scale. 

Take advantage of other free services. You can find anxiety support groups in person and online to connect with others who share your situation. Crisis phone and text lines can provide vital interventions if you find yourself overwhelmed. 

How to Cope With These 4 Common Causes of Anxiety 

Taking proactive steps is one of the best ways to cope with common causes of anxiety. If you find yourself over your head, please reach out and seek the help you need. 

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