5 Simple Resistance Band Exercises

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Monday October 5, 2020

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With a resistance band, you can change up your workout routine completely. If you don’t own free weights, or simply want a little challenge, you can try these nifty tools to tone and strengthen muscles. One device can make all the difference. Plus, they’re perfect for home use when you can’t make it to the gym.

Here are five simple resistance band exercises to add to your routine. For each workout, complete up to three sets of 20 repetitions. Feel free to rotate between sets.

1. Leg Abductions

This workout helps build up your abductor muscles within your thighs and hips. The more you focus on those specific areas, the more you can move freely throughout your day. After all, we use our legs all the time. Additionally, this move can help you work on your glutes.

To start, slip the resistance band onto your lower thighs. Move to a half-squat position, as if you’re halfway down into a regular squat. Then, push your right leg inward and outward. Repeat on the left side and count as one repetition.

2. Deadlifts

You don’t need a dumbbell to deadlift. Though a resistance band can’t replace specific amounts of weight, it serves as an adequate substitute for many people. Through deadlifts, you can enhance your glutes, forearms and quads.

Take the resistance band and place it underneath both feet. It should rest up near your toes. Make sure to position your legs so that they’re hip-distance apart. Then, grab the resistance band and pull it up toward you. After each pull, your body should be straight. Lower the resistance band back down.

3. Pull-Aparts

Here’s a way to improve those arm muscles. A pull-apart workout can also strengthen your upper back muscles, as well as improve your posture. When you go to perform other activities, your body will be even more prepared. Like most resistance band exercises, it’s super easy to figure out.

Grab either end of the resistance band with your hands. Put your arms out straight in front of you. Use both arms to pull the resistance band apart to either side. Then, return your arms to the starting position. This movement should be fluid without pauses.

4. Bicycle Crunches

This resistance band workout can improve your glutes and abs at the same time. It targets your obliques, too. A strong core not only looks toned and slimmed on the outside but can help you perform better as an athlete. If you add this exercise to your fitness repertoire, you’ll see results quickly.

Lie down on your back. You may want to use a mat for this workout. Wrap the resistance band around your feet. Place your hands at your sides and push your lower back into the ground. Bring your right knee up to your chest as you extend your left leg outward.

5. Seated Single-Arm Rows

If you’ve ever used a rowing machine at your local gym, you know that it offers tons of benefits. You can work on your entire body – legs, arms, and core – all through the same exercise. That said, intense rowing takes a lot of strength. If you want to improve your endurance for those workouts, this exercise can help.

Sit up straight on the ground. Your legs should extend outward. Wrap the resistance band around your right foot and use your right arm to pull it toward you. This motion should mimic how you would use a rowing machine normally. Make sure to keep your torso stable.

Use These Simple Resistance Band Exercises for a New Routine

If you need to add some straightforward workouts to your routine, try these resistance band exercises.

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