5 Super Cool Facts About the Reproductive System

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facts about the reproductive system of women
Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday June 14, 2018

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Ladies, we know the female reproductive system can be elusive. Aside from trying to keep track of Aunt Flo’s visits, your reproductive system can also decide to throw you for some other unique loops from time to time. What weird and interesting facts about the reproductive system do you know off the top of your head?

The female body does some odd stuff that sex ed and biology barely covered in school. It’s time to have an educationally revolutionary conversation you probably didn’t expect to have today. Let’s get cliterate!

While it may often seem like your lady parts are on a mission to mess with your head, the opposite is true — the female reproductive system actually has supreme superpowers that many of us don’t know about! Here are a few facts about the reproductive system that would’ve kept you awake in class.

1. Forecasting Your Fertility

Next time you check what color your discharge is, try doing it in a weather forecaster’s voice: “Well, Barbara, right now, the color is egg-white, which means we’ll see a rise in body temperature in the next few days. That means it’s time to go to funky town or seek shelter in a condom!”

What I’m trying to say is, you know how some people say their bones ache when it’s going to rain? Well, a similar phenomenon is true of your lady parts! Our cervical mucus actually forecasts our fertility — egg-white, let’s get freaky tonight.

2. The Little Swimmers Who Couldn’t

Have you seen the movie Teeth? In this bizarre movie, the female lead’s vagina is filled with teeth that she uses to protect and defend herself, and she worries if she’ll ever have romantic sex without turtle-snapping off the tip — and the whole shebang — but she didn’t, or did she?

That’s a little extreme for human evolution. So, the female body has its own defensive measures for eliminating undesirables, rejecting or fighting off those little determined swimmers that thought they could.

The acidic fluid in your vagina actually works to assassinate some sperm, with your immune system breaking out the Kung Fu against those baby-wannabe swimmers.

That said, some stubborn sperm camp in the vagina for a few hours and for a few days outside the body, waiting for ovulation. As you get closer to ovulation, the pH levels inside reduce.

3. Better Find a Life Jacket

Because women can ejaculate, too! You may have heard people refer to this as being a “squirter,” but there’s a slight difference.

Recent studies have found that female ejaculate fluid contains prostate plasma which shoots out of the Skene’s gland. Ejaculation entails that a milky-white fluid comes out of the female prostate, while “squirting” is more associated with a clear liquid from inside.

4. A Truly Talented Warrior

Small enough to keep in a tampon, big enough to birth a baby — it’s a vagina! The elasticity of your body adapts to sex, birth and more.

Despite the scary stories you may have heard, the vagina normally whips itself back into shape after birth. Things won’t necessarily be all the same, but that doesn’t mean it will be a murder scene down there. Kegels can be fun to try — you know, how you randomly squeeze your muscles in there? That, but a little more.

The benefits of Kegel exercises abound, but beyond that, it’s just kinda fun. It’s like your vagina is laughing because it knows it’s superwoman.

5. It’s All About What’s on the Inside

Women like to joke about their balls being bigger than men’s. But we should be checking under the hood — of the clitoris, that is — for a bigger and better one-upper.

Your clitoris is bigger on the inside. Yes, like the Tardis, only cooler, because it gets bigger as you age. During menopause, your clitoris gets 1.5 times bigger on average, and it’s already roughly four inches in size. Your clitoris also has approximately 8,000 sensory nerves.

Enjoy These Facts About the Reproductive System?

Hopefully, these little facts about the reproductive system have shown you more about your secret and scientifically-backed superpowers. Don’t forget to check the forecast, and throw the boys for a loop when you tell them yours is bigger on the inside — no, not the Tardis, sweetie.

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