6 Romantic Date Ideas for Couples Spending the Night In

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Saturday September 12, 2020

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Sometimes another evening in can sound a little boring, but there’s so much more you can do beyond Netflix and pizza if you’re looking to spend a night alone with your significant other. Keeping things interesting is always important in a relationship, and spending nights in is a great reminder that you don’t need to be out on the town to have fun.

Staying in offers a great opportunity to save money, get creative and even find a little more romance in the night. Spending an evening alone is a perfect way to focus on your partner, and finding new and interesting ideas for date nights in can bring in some excitement.

Coming up with ideas to bring the romance can sometimes be tough, but here are six sweet ideas that are more than likely to spice things up.

1. Build a Blanket Fort

The date can be about chilling out in the fort once it’s built, but it can also be about making the fort itself! If you’re looking for something cozy, this date is for you. Jump into those pajamas you love and pile on the pillows and blankets.

Once the fort is up, take some snacks inside, listen to some tunes, and enjoy each other’s company!

2. Make a Complicated Meal You’ve Always Wanted to Try

Is there a tasty recipe you and your sweetheart have been itching to try but have never taken the time to actually make it? Even if the recipe doesn’t work out perfectly, gathering the ingredients and spending a fun night in the kitchen is a great way to spend quality time together. Rather than one of you making dinner for the other, working hard at something interesting together can be a sweet change.

If the recipe works out, you’ll have an amazing meal to enjoy together at the end of your project. You can kick back, have some great conversation, and savor your hard work together.

3. Have an Art Night

Paint and sip is usually an activity associated with an evening out, but it can just as easily be brought into your living room. Pick up some art supplies, pour a glass of wine and let your artistic spirit go wild. 

You can aim for a specific picture, or you can each make your own thing. If you’re pressed for ideas, you can even try to draw each other. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to make you smile.

2. Get Dressed Up Just for Each Other

What could be cuter than getting dolled up only for your beloved? It’s all the fun of getting dressed up without all the hassle of spending the night out. Light some candles and order takeout, or cook at home, and enjoy each other’s fancied up company. 

You can even take cute photos together as if you’re hitting the town to set the mood. It’ll feel like a special occasion, but all of your focus can be on each other.

5. Learn to Scrapbook

If you have a lot of photos, concert tickets, notes or letters that you’ve collected over the years you’ve spent together, scrapbooking can be the perfect way to kill a few hours and create something special. 

Not only is scrapbooking a hands-on activity to learn together, but it can also serve as a trip down memory lane to keep you reminiscing about the amazing times you’ve spent together all night long.

6. Take a Relaxing Bubble Bath

There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in a nice, warm bath. Why not turn it into a date night? Taking some quality time to soak and relax together is dreamy, romantic and sure to get sparks flying. 

Make your evening extra special by dimming the lights, lighting some candles and bringing a glass of wine for some extra ambiance.

Spending the night in with your partner can spice things up in all the best ways. You can even try a few of these ideas if you’re looking to spend more time and really make an evening of it. No matter which idea you choose, spending quality time with the one you love is special. If your focus is on each other, the night is sure to be magic.

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