7 Healthy Goals to Set This Summer

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday July 16, 2020

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What are your health goals this summer? When you think about setting new goals, you may picture New Year’s resolutions. Although the beginning of the year is a great time to get a fresh start, you can transform your life whenever it feels right. Summer is a popular time to make a change, given the warm weather and the positivity that comes from the constant sunshine.

What are your health goals for this summer? If you’re not sure how to answer that, check out these seven healthy goals you can achieve by fall. They’ll teach you how to take care of yourself and live the lifestyle you want for your future.

1. Get More Sleep

Feeling out of sorts or moody could be an indication that you don’t get enough sleep. It’s tempting to stay up late with your TV or a good book, but a healthy sleep routine will set you up for success. Experts recommend that adults get seven to nine hours of rest every night, which gives your mind enough time to recharge and prepare for the next day.

2. Hydrate Every Day

Constant exhaustion and headaches may mean that you’re not hydrated. It’s an easy mistake to make when it’s hot outside and you’re doing yard work or you’re busy with other tasks, but remember to drink more water. 

Some people may give you a specific number of cups to aim for, but doctors say to only drink water when you need to, like when you’re thirsty or out in the heat. Set reminder alarms on your phone or smartwatch so you stay on track and form this healthy new habit.

3. Start a New Exercise Routine

You don’t need to join an extreme workout group to exercise more often. Start with something simple, like jogging two or three times a week. Even a ten-minute bodyweight workout in your living room with an online video will improve your physical health by lowering your blood pressure and strengthening your muscles.

4. Join a Healthy Club

Look around online to see if there are any virtual or in-person health clubs to join in your town. Finding other people with similar goals will motivate you to keep chasing yours until you reach them. You’ll also get an accountability partner, so someone can check in and make sure you’re on track.

5. Ditch Sugary Foods

A pint of ice cream may taste especially delicious during a summer sunset, but quitting sugary foods is a great healthy goal to set this summer. Refined sugar spikes your blood sugar and results in health problems over time, like diabetes and weight gain. 

This is also a great seasonal goal because it can take a month or longer to stop craving sugar. Once you’re used to eating it regularly, you’ll experience sugar detox symptoms when you quit. Give yourself time to ease off this unhealthy ingredient, especially if you’re used to eating foods with added sugars.

6. Put Down Electronics

When you use your laptop or your phone, you’re likely sitting or lying down. It distracts you and keeps you from realizing hours have passed until it’s too late. Putting down your electronics at the same time every night or taking routine breaks will make it easier to get active and pursue your health goals.

Setting an alarm to remind you to get off the internet may not be enough if you resume what you were doing only seconds or minutes later. Be your own advocate and download apps that block social media so you can’t access anything. You can block them for however long you decide is best and move on to other things, like work assignments or homework for school.

7. Prep Your Meals

If you want to change your diet, learning how to prep your meals is a great personal goal. You can plan veggie or protein-based meals ahead of time so you always have something to grab in the fridge. It can keep you from stopping for fast food around town or reaching for more sugary snacks in the pantry when you get hungry. A healthy alternative will always be just as easy to access as unhealthy, prepackaged alternatives.

One of the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder in the summertime is a change in appetite, which can cause you to make unhealthy choices. By simply planning and prepping your meals when you have the energy to create them, you can heat them up whenever you need something nutritious to eat.

Consider Your Lifestyle as You Plan What Your Health Goals Are

Think about your lifestyle and ask yourself — what are your health goals this summer? Depending on what your daily life looks like, you might want to focus on exercising, eating better or getting more sleep. No matter what your health goals are for this summer, you should do what’s right for you and you’ll have a better routine by the time fall arrives.

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