7 Healthy Snacks for Evening Cravings

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Sunday October 27, 2019

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Every so often, it’s late at night – and more than anything, you want a snack! Unfortunately, those 9 p.m. brownies aren’t a terrific choice. It’s essential to select an option that’s both nutrient-dense and under 300 calories. Then, you’ll feel satisfied without any regrets!

Take a look at these healthy snacks for evening cravings.

1. Cheese and Crackers

Who doesn’t love cheese and crackers? This idea isn’t only a classic go-to. When you pick the healthiest types of cheese, like blue, swiss and cheddar, you can enjoy many benefits. You’ll gain protein and calcium – plus whole grains when you select a wheat-based cracker.

Feel free to add sliced apples or pears for a more substantial plate. A small amount of sugar-free jam would taste delicious, too. Be as creative as you want!

2. Banana With Peanut Butter

If you don’t like peanut butter, you can opt for an alternative, such as almond or sunflower. Either way, you’ll love this simple, tasty snack. After you slice up a banana, add a spoonful of your chosen spread. Then, dip away! At less than 200 calories, you can’t go wrong.

When you’re especially hungry, you could try peanut butter banana toast instead. Bread tends to add around 150 calories, so one slice may be enough.

3. Instant Oatmeal

At midnight, you probably don’t have time for a bowl of steel-cut oats. Thankfully, there are several yummy instant oatmeal options. These grains provide a lot of fiber, as well as vital nutrients and antioxidants that help the body thrive.

Once you make the oatmeal, you can add a low-calorie sweetener if it’s not already flavored. You could also toss in berries and nuts.

4. Vegetables and Dip

If you didn’t eat many vegetables throughout the day, now’s a terrific time. Sliced vegetables, like carrots and broccoli, supply a ton of health benefits. They’re not overly filling, either. You can choose to put together a ranch or hummus dip, which makes vegetables taste even better.

Many people like to keep around sliced vegetables as an alternative to chips. If you’re a salty snack fanatic, that idea could be an effective solution.

5. Trail Mix

Whether you make your own or choose a store-bought version, trail mix combines several healthy components. There are fruits, grains and seeds – as well as nuts, which tend to be terrific for heart health and provide several various nutrients.

For example, you could try dried cranberries, plus cashews and almonds. A little shaved coconut and dark chocolate add a healthy sweetness. Try whole-grain pretzel bits, too!

6. Popcorn

Without too much salt or butter, popcorn works perfectly as a healthy snack for evening cravings. It’s super easy to prepare, even if you want to make a stovetop version instead. Sprinkle garlic powder and smoked paprika on top for more flavor.

If you want to add another dimension to your trail mix, put in a handful of popcorn. Remember to stick with a small amount so that you don’t consume a ton of calories.

7. Turkey Wrap

If you ate a simple dinner, a smaller snack wouldn’t meet your needs. In that case, choose a turkey wrap! You can use a whole wheat or spinach-based tortilla as an alternative to traditional wraps. Then, add slices of turkey and cheese. For a little crunch, try some leafy greens or bell peppers.

Why turkey? It’s protein-rich, low-calorie meat that provides wholesome fats and vitamins, which can keep you full until breakfast. You’re always welcome to skip out on meat whenever you prefer a lighter snack.

Try These Ideas for a Nutritious Late-Night Bite

When it’s time for a midnight snack, try one of these healthy options. You’ll satisfy your hunger, all while you gain some nutritious benefits.

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