9 Best Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

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best pieces of home exercise equipment
Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Friday October 14, 2022

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The pandemic led to more people skipping the gym to work out at home. Perhaps you discovered it’s easier to stick to your routine when you don’t have to get dressed and drive somewhere. 

However, you need the right gear to reach your goals more quickly. Here are the nine best pieces of home exercise equipment for weight loss. 

1. A Jump Rope

You see boxers doing it all the time for a good reason. Jumping rope torches calories while getting your heart pounding as if you were sprinting. However, you don’t have to travel any further than your living room or garage to get in your workout when the weather turns foul. 

It’s worth your while to invest in a quality speed rope if you want to finish with a flourish like fighters do on TV. You can even find sets with ropes to fit everyone in your family. 

2. Resistance Bands

There are three components to a complete fitness program: cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and strength training. What can you do if you don’t have the space for a bulky weight machine at home? 

Why not turn to resistance bands? These lightweight gadets slide into a suitcase with ease, letting you take your workout on the road. They also squeeze under your couch with room to spare. 

3. Hand Weights

Round out your home toning routine with the right set of hand weights. Using free weights has several advantages over machines. It forces you to engage multiple muscle groups to stabilize yourself, increasing overall intensity and calorie burn. 

Best of all, you can customize your hand weights to your unique fitness level. Many people get by fine with a set of 2’s, 3’s, and 5’s, but you can go heavier if you’re a beast. 

4. A Hula Hoop

Do you want to whittle your waistline? Why not take a tip from the 1950s and bust out the hula hoop? 

You don’t have to spend much at all on this fitness gadget. Most dollar stores carry child versions, and one of those might do the trick if you’re on the smaller side. However, you can accelerate your weight loss with a heavy adult version designed for that purpose. 

5. A Desk Cycle 

Have you decided to make your temporary pandemic telecommuting situation permanent? Doing so has considerable benefits for increasing the time you have to spend with your family. It also helps the planet — but it can leave you rather sedentary. 

Burn calories while you work with an under-the-desk cycle. You can find inexpensive versions or upgrade to a model with variable resistance to maximize your home weight loss. 

6. A Rebounder 

Pedaling away all day can improve your cardiovascular conditioning. However, let’s face it. It might keep you awake while crunching numbers, but it lacks in the fun department. 

Bring back the smiles to your cardio with a rebounder trampoline that will take your fitness routine to new heights. If you’re non-neurotypical, making balance a challenge, look for a model with an attached safety bar that also allows for standing pushups. 

7. A Heavy Bag 

Even folks who work from home sometimes have “those” days. You know, the kind that leaves you seething with frustration and nowhere to appropriately express it. 

Solve your problems and vent your rage with a heavy bag. You’ll torch calories, whittle your waist and tone your legs and arms as you punch and kick away stress. Look for a model with a water or sand base if the thought of mounting yours to the ceiling intimidates you. 

8. An Electric Bike

Who said home exercise equipment for weight loss needs to keep you behind closed doors? An electric bike lets you multitask, running errands while getting in a workout, all without too much sweat. 

The pedal assist lets you climb the steepest hills with minimal effort. You can also turn off the power and use your legs for maximum calorie burn. 

9. Yoga Straps 

Flexibility is perhaps the most overlooked component of fitness. However, it can ease chronic pain and stress and help you prevent injury. 

The right yoga straps help you master perfect form, even if you don’t spend hours on the mat. You can keep one next to your bed to perform a few easy stretches before turning in for the evening. 

Best Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss 

Are you one of many who switched to at-home workouts during the pandemic? Working out this way means never skipping out on sweat when you’re low on gas. 

However, you need the right gear to accelerate your toning goals. Stock your pad with these nine best pieces of home exercise equipment for weight loss. 

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