9 Daily Goals to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life 

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9 daily goals
Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Monday September 5, 2022

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What one action could you take today to change your life? You might think that you need to radically alter your daily goals and routine. 

However, you might find that the smallest decisions make the biggest impact when you look back at your history. You can’t guarantee everything will work out, but you can open the door to the possibility. Start a plan for rapid and healthy self-growth with these nine daily goals to improve every aspect of your life without making monumental efforts. 

For Your Career 

If you want to make strides in the workplace, you should know that the Pareto principle tells you that you make 80% of your progress from 20% of your efforts. Little things really do mean a lot. Here are three mini daily goals that could indirectly lead to a raise and promotion without burning the midnight oil. 

1. Make a New Contact

The vast majority of new opportunities come from referrals, not from want ads. Even if you’re not in the market for a new gig, it never hurts to expand your network. Make today the day you introduce yourself to the new “kid” in the next department or chat with the person behind you at the bank. 

2. Compliment a Colleague

People remember how you make them feel more than that coffee stain on your shirt — or even the subject of your conference room presentation. One of the most rapid ways to create a positive impression is to give a sincere compliment. Be authentic and specific with your praise, and keep it work-related. For example, “I really appreciate your insight on the X account.” 

3. Take a Break 

Americans get severely short-changed when it comes to vacation time. While folks in many other industrialized countries enjoy up to a month of holiday each year, those who call the U.S. home often fail to take their two weeks — if they get paid leave at all. 

However, working yourself to the bone could hinder, not help, your career. Research shows your productivity increases after a break. If you can’t afford an annual holiday, can you “play hooky” by leaving an hour or two early for a long weekend? 

2. For Your Health

Getting in shape means tying yourself to the treadmill while living on nothing but kale smoothies, right? Nonsense. You’ll make longer lasting health and fitness gains by setting small daily goals and sticking to them. 

1. Substitute One Healthier Food

You don’t have to toss everything in your pantry and go on a restrictive fad diet to lose weight. To maintain a better figure for life, you need to improve your overall choices, not seek quick fixes. Begin by making a healthy substitute during just one meal of the day. For example, choose a side salad instead of french fries at lunch, or follow your evening meal with an apple instead of a decadent slice of chocolate cake. 

2. Skip the Salt Shaker

Heart disease kills more men and women worldwide each year than any other ailment. One of the culprits, particularly in the west, is excess sodium. Although the FDA recently issued new guidelines to restaurants and food manufacturers, reducing your intake is ultimately up to you. Opt to use herbs or pepper to add spice and leave the salt shaker on the table during at least one meal. 

3. Take a Stretch Break

Your body was designed for movement. Sitting too long in one position can cause your muscles to painfully cramp. The next time you get a break at work, use the time to take a brisk walk around your building or practice a few yoga poses instead of scrolling through your social media feed. See how much better your focus is when you return. 

3. For Your Children 

Your children are only young once. It seems like you blink, and it’s time for another birthday. Set a daily goal to spend quality time with them each day. 

1. Read a Bedtime Story

Reading a bedtime story takes only a few minutes. However, it can mean the world to your child. Make this a part of your evening ritual. 

2. Take a Virtual Field Trip 

You don’t have to homeschool your children to take them on a field trip. Many world museums now offer free virtual tours. Why not spend this coming Saturday wandering through the Louvre via computer? 

3. Play a Quick Game 

Playing with your children helps you bond and build trust. Take your littles outside for a quick game of catch after dinner to aid digestion or break out the Uno cards while you watch TV. 

Set These Daily Goals to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life

You don’t need monumental efforts to make your life better every day. Set these 9 daily goals and improve every aspect of your life. 

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