9 Fun and Interesting Hobbies to Start Your New Year

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Fun and Interesting Hobbies
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Friday January 28, 2022

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There’s so much more to life than work and family responsibilities. Sure, you need to take care of the basics. You also deserve to celebrate your spirit with interesting hobbies. 

The right pastimes let you engage your creativity, imagination and urge to explore the world around you. Are you looking for your new passion? Consider one of these nine fun and interesting hobbies to start your new year right. 

1. Spelunking 

What mysteries await you deep beneath the earth’s surface? You can find out if you make spelunking your new fun and interesting hobby. Explore the subterranean world of stalactites and stalagmites while slithering through an obstacle course only nature could create. 

You may or may not need equipment, depending on the difficulty level of the caves you choose to tackle. You’ll definitely want to invest in a good hard hat with a lamp. It serves a dual purpose, illuminating the inky depths while keeping bats out of your hair.

2. Coin Collecting 

You can call yourself a numismatist if you adopt this hobby and teach all your friends a new word. Better yet, you could add to your personal wealth — or simply enjoy the thrill of a rare find in your penny jar. 

Coin collecting is more than looking for rare gems in your spare change. You’ll also enjoy a history lesson as you learn about the significance of various monetary units throughout the ages. You can connect with other enthusiasts at shows and grow your friendship circle. 

3. Bird Watching 

Is seeing a rare blue-footed booby on your bucket list? While you might have to travel to check that item off, you can find no shortage of plumed beauties closer to home, too. You’ll learn about various habitats and the importance of protecting natural areas where you live. 

All you need to get started with this fun and interesting hobby is a field identification guide. It also helps to invest in a quality pair of binoculars. That way, you can get up close and personal without scaring away the species you hope to identify and add to your personal sightings ledger. 

4. Canoeing 

Are you seeking a pastime that will get your upper body in shape like no other? Canoeing gives you a chance to enjoy the great outdoors while working your deltoids, biceps and triceps as you navigate tricky rapids. 

You can get started with this hobby on the cheap if you live near a body of water that doubles as a tourist destination. Many companies rent canoes and kayaks you can take out for a day until you learn the ropes. Once you master the art, you can invest in a boat. 

5. Cross Stitch  

Does your taste in home decor run to the rustic farmhouse look? Why spend a fortune on artwork for your walls when you can adopt this fun and interesting hobby and cross stitch unique designs you won’t find in any store? 

You don’t need any sewing skills to get started with this crafty pastime. All you’ll need are the patterns and yarn in various hues. You can hand out the products of your labor as holiday and birthday gifts. 

6. Woodworking 

Did you win the prize for best birdhouse design in your seventh grade woodshop class? If so, perhaps woodworking is the perfect hobby for you. There is virtually no limit to what you can create. 

Start with smaller crafts — perhaps recreating your birdhouse dream with your children. As you grow in skills, you can tackle weighty projects like a new bed frame. You can save hundreds over buying designer furniture while crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that your guests will envy. 

7. Automotive Modifications 

If you can’t tell a carburetor from a hubcap, the thought of this fun and interesting hobby might intimidate you at first. However, it’s not too tricky to get the knack of how the various parts of an engine work together. Once you understand the basics, you’ll feel much more confident walking into a dealership. 

This pastime could save you a small fortune on maintenance costs if you like working with your hands. Start with simple tasks, like changing your oil. Later, you might graduate to building an entire dune buggy.  

8. Camping 

There’s a good reason to head to the great outdoors amid a pandemic. Researchers investigated participants in the Japanese practice of forest bathing and found that these individuals had an increased number and activity in natural killer cells after spending an overnight trip in the woods. These immune cells seek out and destroy invading germs. 

The magic lies in phytoncides, chemicals plants emit for defense that shore up the human antimicrobial army when inhaled. You probably want a bit of gear — a tent and a sleeping bag are musts. If you prefer more luxury, you can invest in things like solar powered camping lights and portable fire pits that make building a blaze for roasting smores a snap. 

9. Bouldering 

You could climb every mountain, but perhaps you aren’t one for investing in multiple ropes and carabiners. Why not give bouldering a try? The only equipment you need is a crash pad — that mattress you intended to discard will do the trick. 

Then, head to an area with plenty of rocks. Look for one with the right combination of handholds and challenge. See if you can scale it — you’ll feel like Rocky atop the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum when you make it. 

Start Your New Year Right With These 9 Fun and Interesting Hobbies 

You deserve to enjoy your passions in life. If you’re seeking a new pastime, try one of these nine fun and interesting hobbies to start your new year right. 

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