5 Encouraging Affirmations for Self-Love

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Thursday October 27, 2022

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Self-love is an important part of living a good life, but it’s so easy to lose it. The world can be a cruel and stressful place that can make you feel down on yourself. 

Affirmations are phrases that can help you move forward when it seems like everything is out of your control. It’s easy to be hard on yourself but with these affirmations of self-love, you can encourage yourself. 

Here are 5 impactful affirmations to remind yourself how wonderful you are. 

1. “I Am Stronger Than I Think.”

The truth is that as strong as the forces of negativity are, you are strong enough to handle all the world throws at you. 

Being strong doesn’t mean ignoring your emotions or not seeking help. In fact, acknowledging those things is a show of strength. 

You are in charge of your course in life and with every challenge, there is a better path in the future and you are strong enough to take the steps you need to in order to reach it. 

2. “I Am in Control of My Thoughts.”

You are able to control your mindset, even when intrusive thoughts try to take over. 

It’s true that you can’t control everything that pops into your head but you are capable of controlling how you handle the thoughts that pass through your brain. 

It’s easy to feel like your own mind is attacking you with negative thoughts, but you can choose to let them pass through and come up with positive ones instead. You control how much each thought impacts you. 

If you struggle with intrusive thoughts or feel like you can’t handle them on your own, you are also in control of your ability to seek help and take control of the situation. 

3. “I Am Capable.”

Sometimes, being an adult feels like a whirlwind that you can’t keep up with. You’ve trained your whole life for this and you can assure yourself that you are capable of living your life. 

It’s easy to get down on yourself when you make a mistake or don’t know something you think you should. Everyone makes mistakes, but you are capable of handling them and moving forward. 

New experiences are tricky but you’re more prepared than you may realize to face them head-on. You are capable of making decisions and navigating complex situations. 

You are also capable of doing what’s best for you without feeling ashamed. These affirmations for self-love will help you turn things around.

4. “I Am In Control of Myself.”

Our insecurities can get the better of us sometimes. We feel judged for how we live our own lives instead of taking pride in the decisions we make. 

You know yourself best and are in control of how you navigate your life. People will try to convince you that you should live a certain way or do different things but you are in control of the decisions you make. 

It’s true that you can’t control everything that happens to you or around you, but you can control how you react to each situation. Your actions are your own and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of doing what’s right for you. 

Loving yourself means caring for the things and people you’re passionate about while owning the decisions you choose to make. Have confidence in your intuition and know that you control your own narrative. 

5. “I Am Worthy of Good Things.”

The key to loving yourself is accepting that you are worthy of and deserve good things. Maybe you made a mistake or can’t seem to fit in. That doesn’t make you less worthy or love and understanding than anyone else. 

It’s easy to fall into the habit of celebrating others without ever taking time to celebrate yourself. It’s not selfish to acknowledge your own worthiness and how you deserve to have a good life too. 

You do yourself justice by working towards your own good and celebrating the milestones along the way. 

Loving Yourself 

It can be easy to encourage self-love in others but hard to do so with yourself. It’s so important that you remind yourself how worthy you are and that it’s necessary to engage in self-love and self-care. 

These affirmations for self-love can be great launching points in the journey of loving yourself.  

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