All the Ways a Bath Can Be Good for You

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Monday March 11, 2019

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Have you had a long day? A stressful day? Maybe you’re just not feeling too well and your muscles are sore. All of these problems can potentially be soothed by one thing — a bath.

Perhaps you think that the purpose of taking baths is simply to soak in the water for a few minutes, wash up, and then get out. You’d be incorrect. Taking a bath once has benefits you may not expect. 

A bath can do more than just soothe your worries. Mentally and physically, baths provide many benefits, even if you are only taking them once in a while. Below are eight amazing benefits of taking a bath every now and then. 

Eight Benefits of Baths You Never Knew About

1. Bathing Can Change Your Mood

Typically, the main benefit that people believe about baths is that they help the “bathee” relax after a long day. This is extremely true! Bathing once in a while can completely change your mood. 

Relaxing in warm water creates a feeling of comfort, which can reduce the opposite feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and pessimism. 

Research conducted by Neil Morris, a psychologist at the University of Wolverhampton, on the impacts of bathing everyday for two weeks found that bathing improved psychological wellness substantially. Using the 80 people that participated in the study, a significant drop in pessimistic feelings about the future were found. Morris also found that the internal feeling of pleasurability increased. 

Another small study showed that taking warm baths was a fairly consistent way of lifting moods in people dealing with depression. What they found revealed that increasing the core body temperature of a person with bath water helped to strengthen and synchronize their circadian rhythms. These are the daily fluctuations of behavior and biochemistry that affect all of your organs.

In depressed patients, their temperature rhythm tends to be disrupted or delayed and so the bath water can increase that. 

2. Bathing Can Relieve Symptoms of Sickness

Not only can taking baths once in a while soothe inner turmoil, but they can also relieve symptoms of sickness. 

The steam from a hot bath can work to clear up a stuffy nose, congestion, and coughs. The hot steam gets your blood vessels moving, which loosens any blockages. WebMD advises people to breath in steam from a hot pot of water or a hot shower to loosen up a stuffy nose. So, why not try this same tactic, just in the bath? 

In a bath, you can sit back, relax and let the steam of the hot water do the work. 

3. Bathing Can Soothe Your Muscles, Joints, and Bones

Taking baths once in a while can also affect you physically. The warm water of a bath can soothe soreness in your muscles, joints, and bones. 

Heat, in any sense, but especially in a bath — where your body is surrounded by the hot water — helps blood move more easily, encouraging better circulation and a quicker healing time. The warm water also helps tight or sore muscles relax. 

Furthermore, adding epsom salt into your bath is known to decrease inflammation in your joints and muscles, reducing soreness, tightness, and overall pain. This can be great for those dealing with arthritis.

One study from Manchester University showed that cells in those that suffer from arthritis expand. Dr. Compan and Dr. Pablo Pelegrin who conducted the study explained that salt water can reduce the swelling by dehydrating them. 

4. Bathing Can Soothe and Hydrate Skin 

Bathing is also very beneficial for your skin. The warm water soothes irritations and rashes and can hydrate rough, dry skin. 

In this case, warm water is much better than scalding hot water. Water that is too hot can actually irritate and dry your skin out more. On the other hand, warm water that is mixed with certain oils — such as coconut or olive — will work to hydrate and heal. 

Also consider taking a warm colloidal oatmeal bath. Bailey Lee, MD explains that oatmeal can be used for dry, irritated skin. By using the oatmeal, it prevents the skin from being further irritated by extra oils and perfumes. It’s simple. All you have to do is add the oatmeal to the water and soak, which will moisturize and soften your skin. 

5. Bathing Can Help You Burn Calories

You may not believe this, but taking a bath can almost burn as many calories as going for a walk. This is due to the sweat induced by taking a hot, steamy bath. 

A study done by researchers at UK’s Loughborough University showed that the participants burned 130 calories while sitting in a hot bath for an hour, which is equal to the calories you would burn on a 30-minute walk. 

It may not be a lot of calories, but sweating from the steam can definitely cut a few. 

6. Bathing Can Improve Your Heart Health

Occasional baths can help you physically, both internally and externally. For example, the occasional soak can improve the health of your heart. 

Occasionally taking a warm bath will help to reduce blood pressure, which can prevent serious heart conditions, including heart attacks, strokes and heart failure. For instance, consistently high blood pressure increases your heart’s workload. A consistent workload enlarges your heart after a period of time and leads to heart failure. 

A warm bath also encourages better blood circulation, which can help your body stay healthier overall. Taking a warm bath, not a scalding one, makes your heart beat just a little bit faster, giving it the world’s smallest workout. 

7. Bathing Can Make You Feel More Awake

The last two benefits of taking a bath once in a while have to do with your energy level and sleep. First, a warm bath can actually make you feel refreshed and more awake. 

This is a result of the warm water making you sweat. Sweating acts as a tiny workout for your body, and just like any workout, it will give you more energy, make you feel more alert, and refresh your body.  

8. Bathing Can Help You Get Deeper Sleep

Taking baths can also help you get better, deeper sleep. It may make you feel refreshed directly after getting out of the water, but once you do lay down for bed, it will aid in sleep.

Research conducted by The University of Texas as Austin revealed that bathing ideally 90 minutes before bed in water that ranges from 104 to 109 degrees fahrenheit helped people get the best quality sleep. The also found that bath at that time and temperature helped the candidates fall asleep about 10 minutes quicker on average. 

Four Items That Will Change the Way You Bathe

Now that you know how beneficial taking a bath once in a while can be, there are four items that will change the way you bathe for the better. These items will bring even more relaxation to an already zen experience. 

1. Aromatherapy Diffusers / Candles

One way to make your baths more relaxing is to appeal to your sense of smell. This can be satisfied by aromatherapy diffusers or candles. Just pick your favorite smell, lay back, and relax for a little while. 

Some scents that are perfect for bath time include lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint.  

2. Bath Bombs

Another item that can be used to take your bath to the next level is a bath bomb. These fun little balls of dry ingredients effervesce when wet, creating beautiful explosions of color. 

They can also include essential oils, scents, sparkles and bubbles, which will be added to your bathwater when the bath bomb is submerged. 

3. Face Masks

Face masks can also be a great addition to your bath time. Peelable masks, mud masks and sheet masks are great ways to fall into deeper relaxation as you lay in the warm water of a bath. 

These will also help to take care of your skin, drawing out impurities or hydrating you, while your body is taken care of by the bath. 

4. Bubble Bath

One last fun way to change your normal bath is to add in bubble bath solution. Sure, a normal old bath is great, but by adding bubble bath you can add a layer of fun by being able to play with the bubbles when they get high enough. 

Certain bubble bath solutions can also add a layer of aromatherapy as well. 

It’s Bath Time

Knowing all of these benefits and the items that can be great additions to any normal bath will help you treat yourself every once in a while. Now, it’s time for you to get in that tub, relax, and reap all the benefits.

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