5 Beautiful Claw Clip Hairstyles to Try

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday February 1, 2023

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The claw clip has made a significant comeback. The claw clip is an extremely popular hair accessory from the mid-’90s. The banana clip from the 1980s was the inspired design behind it. The claw clip can come in small or large sizes, making it a versatile look while keeping your hair out of your face. There are many unique, low-maintenance hairstyles you can do with them while looking cute with the various colors, shapes and designs they come in. 

Here are 5 beautiful claw clip hairstyles to try.

Half-Back Hairstyle  

Although this style is traditionally done with a hair tie, modifying it with a chic claw clip can elevate your look. Even if you have short hair this style will work great for you. You will get a feminine and classy look of your hair pulled away from your face while it is still draped behind your shoulders. It is super easy to do, so it should not take much effort. 

To get this look, all you need to do is gather your hair from both sides of your head while meeting them in the back. With your choice of how much you want to be pulled back, use the clip to secure it. Just like that, you got the look!

French Twist Up

This is one of the most popular hairstyles to do with a claw clip. With its gorgeous and easy-to-achieve look, it is not hard to understand why everyone chooses it. You will need a large claw clip to get this look since it holds all your hair. You can leave strands out in the front for a softer look or use product to slick your hair back for a sleek polished look.

All you need to do with this hairstyle is gather your hair at the back of your head. Start twisting until it is all in one twist, then bend it up towards the back of your head. Maneuver to your liking, so all the hair is in the clip and you have a gorgeous twist-up look. 

Side Braid Clip

You can add some spice to your half-back slaw clip look. Instead of pulling your hair back and immediately setting the clip in place, you can braid one side of your hair. Position the braid on the side so you can pull it back and meet in the middle with the other half of your hair. Secure it with your clip and play around with the colors and designs for something that stands out even more. 

Half-Up With Braids

If you prefer your braids laying more effortlessly, you may like the half-up with braids claw clip style better. You can twist the top portion of hair up and secure it with a clip or leave hair pouring from the top like a ponytail. In this look, you can create two or more braids for the loose section of hair. This look is fun since you can personalize it with different types of braids and how many you would like to. 


Depending on your hair type and length, you can use a claw clip to create a low ponytail instead of a hair tie to secure it. Use a bigger clip to be sure it can hold all the hair you gathered together. Use the same technique as you would when doing a low ponytail but clip from underneath your hair to secure the ponytail. 

Give Them All a Try

There are so many fun and pretty looks to create with the claw clip. Get creative and find your own style of stick to a favorite go-to. Trying out all these different styles is sure to keep your hair looking put together and trendy. 

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