Crystal Meditation for Beginners: What to Know

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crystal meditation for beginners
Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Wednesday November 29, 2023

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Throughout history, humans have turned to crystals to help them reach their highest self and even find health benefits. Communities as far back as Ancient Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia utilized them for their various positive qualities and properties. There are also plenty of uses for them in meditation. Learning crystal meditation for beginners is a beautiful process of discovering yourself and connecting with the many energies the stones possess.

Choosing Your Crystals

If you don’t have any crystals yet, the first step is to choose some you wish to work with. The ones you pick will help you access a better state with their various properties. Each stone has a different purpose, so it’s good to choose one in an area of your life you need assistance in.

Some excellent crystals for meditation include:

  • Black Tourmaline: These crystals are great for removing and protecting you from negative energy. It can also help ground you. Black Tourmaline might be great if you’re in a bad mental space and struggle to concentrate while meditating.
  • Labradorite: An absolutely gorgeous stone, Labradorite is known for its characteristic flash. This part of its nature helps you resonate with your highest self and access darker parts of your mind. It could be beneficial if you need to discover new ways to deal with your problems.
  • Carnelian: If you feel like you could use more power, this may be the crystal for you. Carnelian helps you feel more courage and creativity, giving you a well-needed boost. Some also say it can help pull you out of low points, so it could be perfect if you need a rousing pick-me-up.

While there are plenty of stones people recommend for meditating, an essential tip for crystal meditation for beginners is you can use any you would like. Try going into a metaphysical shop and see which ones call to you. Some say doing so is how you can tell where you need assistance in life.

Crystal Meditation for Beginners — The Process

Meditation can have a host of advantages, from improving sleep to lowering stress and anxiety. Adding crystals to the mix not only enhances the benefits, but provides their own. To get started, you can take a few steps.

Find Your Intention

Why are you trying to use these crystals? What positive changes do you wish to see in your life? Setting your intentions before you meditate helps focus you on what you would like the stones to assist you with. If one seems to be calling to you, look up its meaning and see why it might be time to utilize it.

Locate Your Chakras

While you could simply hold your crystals to meditate with them, some find it better to place them on their chakras. There are seven main chakras — located from the lower back to the top of your head — you can set the stones on while you meditate. For example, putting Labradorite on your third-eye chakra might be helpful because this area rules intuition and insight.

Start Meditating

Now, you’re ready to begin your meditation journey. If you would like, you can find a guided meditation on video-streaming platforms like YouTube to give your session more structure. Doing so can be very helpful for crystal meditation for beginners. However, if you would prefer to take things into your own hands, try out these steps:

  1. Go to a quiet place and start by calming your breath.
  2. Once you’re relaxed, take the crystal in your hand.
  3. Imagine light and energy washing over your body from the stone.
  4. Focus on your intention and maintain your calming breaths.
  5. Stay here for as long as you need. When you feel like you’re done, take one final deep breath.
  6. Bring awareness back to your body gently by slowly opening your eyes and feeling where you’re resting.
  7. Consider writing down any revelations that came to you while meditating.

The process itself isn’t very complicated, but it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Hopefully these quick little tips show you how to begin crystal meditation for beginners.

Practicing Crystal Meditation for Beginners

Meditating with crystals is a natural and beautiful way to help your spirit and mind. Luckily all it takes is a quiet space and the stones that can help you most. Remember — practice makes progress, not perfection, so there will always be work to do.

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