Free Online Meditation Resources for Beginners

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday November 9, 2022

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Everyone talks about the benefits of meditation, but how can you get started without paying for expensive, time-consuming classes? Try these free online meditation resources for beginners to start your new mindful habit. Mediation will facilitate self-growth if you follow the steps outlined by the experts behind these websites and apps.

1. DoYogaWithMe

Meditation doesn’t have to involve yoga, but it’s a great place to start. You may already connect the two by picturing yourself sitting cross-legged while breathing deeply. DoYogaWithMe will teach you how to do both while directing your thoughts and guiding you through positions that improve your core strength and flexibility.

2. QuietKit

Jump right into a new routine with QuietKit. It’s a free online meditation library with video sessions of various lengths and techniques. While practicing controlled breathing, you’ll learn how to interrupt negative thought patterns and inject more joy into your daily life.

3. Stress Reduction at Work

Anyone hoping to chip away at their stress with meditation should try the resources available at Stress Reduction at Work. You can do every exercise while you’re on the clock to get better at communicating, recognizing stress signals and breathing through challenging days. It’s an excellent resource to improve your mental health while eating to feel more positive or exercising to boost serotonin production.

4. Meditation Oasis

The founders of Meditation Oasis have over 40 years in the industry, so they know what beginners need. You’ll find their free courses on their website, the Meditation RX app and podcast episodes. Use whatever resources you prefer to meditate at any time of the day. All you need is a pair of noise-canceling headphones to tap into your thoughts and breathe through any challenges.

5. The Free Mindfulness Project

Ever wondered about the psychology behind meditation? The Free Mindfulness Project has free classes for beginners explaining the science that helps your mental health. Learn about mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and various methodologies to get more in touch with your mind and meditate daily.

6. Quiet Mind Cafe

Meditating might be easier if the classes are already on the website where you spend so much free time. The next time you open YouTube, look up Quiet Mind Cafe. Their channel features 10-minute videos focused on various subjects, like depression, anxiety or even achieving deeper sleep. Listen to them at home or on the go whenever you need to center yourself.

7. Fragrant Heart

Elisabeth Blaikie began teaching people to meditate in the 1990s, then started her website to make the practice more accessible in a technologically advanced world. You’ll find free classes for women that meditate to improve self-esteem, realign your chakras and heal your empath nature after a turbulent relationship. 

8. Art of Living

People often start meditating for a specific need. Art of Living provides free online resources for whatever your needs might be. There are tutorial videos for things like breathing to reduce stress, slow your thoughts or set new goals. You just need to reflect on how you’d like meditation to change your life and find a free class designed for that purpose.

Try Free Online Meditation Resources

Anyone can use these free online meditation classes for beginners to get into a new mindful routine. Once you know how to use breathing to control your thoughts and emotions, there won’t be any limitations on what you can do with your life.

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