How to Create a Stunning Mood Board Using Canva

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Are you interested in creating a mood board but don’t know where to start? Online tools like Canva are excellent ways to engage your creativity while making impressive mood boards that inspire you to achieve your goals. The platform is easy to understand and provides many user-friendly features you can enjoy.

Read on to learn how to make a mood board on Canva.

Why Make a Mood Board?

Mood boards can help you visually communicate the thoughts and ideas that go into setting your personal and professional goals. You can create mood boards for work projects, clients, personal goals, and other aspirations. Showcasing your vision with a mood board provides a tangible way for you to feel inspired and motivate yourself.

Why Use Canva?

While physical mood boards are great, creating digital ones can save time and offer even more options for the elements you include. You can use Canva to tailor your project to your tastes and make edits whenever your vision changes. Canva is an online design and publishing tool that helps people create various digital projects, including:

  • Mood boards
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Collages
  • Banners
  • Resumes

The website provides hundreds of templates, fonts, photos, stickers, and more to help you create the perfect mood board for your needs.

5 Steps for Creating Mood Boards on Canva

Creating digital mood boards with Canva is easy. Whether you’ve used the platform before or want to try it out, here are five steps for crafting your first mood board:

1. Create a Canva account

Ensure you can save and keep track of your mood boards by creating a Canva account. While you can complete projects on Canva without signing in, having an account allows you to save your progress if you need more time to work on a project after stepping away for a bit. You can also come back to the file if you want to edit, add, or remove elements later.

2. Browse templates

Once you have an account, you can open the workspace and search for mood board templates. Canva has many free templates with diverse arrangements, so you can find ones that best suit your interests and needs. After choosing a template, you can edit them to match your style.

If you don’t see a template you like, you can also make your own design using the blank canvas and elements.

3. Find and upload elements 

After choosing your template or making your own outline, you can start finding the elements and photos you want to include in your mood board. The workspace has a library full of many features, from graphics, pictures, and lines to shapes, stickers, and videos you can use, but you can also upload images you find or already have.

There are also many text options. You can use premade font combinations or create unique ones.

4. Customize your mood board

Once you choose all the elements you want to include, you can build and customize your board. Insert and layer your photos, resize shapes, duplicate graphics, and more. Your mood board will embody your creativity while helping you visualize your ideas.

5. Save and share

When you finish your mood board, you can save and download it as a JPG or PNG. You could also print it out to enjoy a physical version. Having options to save, download, and print your Canva mood boards makes it easy to prepare for work projects. You can send the file to your client and have them make comments or even meet in person to discuss your vision.

Create Your First Mood Board on Canva

Canva is an excellent tool for making mood boards, and you can make one as soon as you create an account. Get started on yours!

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