How to Learn to Dance at Home: 7 Tips

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Monday September 21, 2020

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How do people in some remote tribes cure depression when one of their numbers becomes melancholy? They dance! You don’t need to have access to modern medicine to know that this form of fitness can help ease your body, mind — and spirit. Who couldn’t use that during uncertain times? 

If you aren’t ready to bust a move in the gym, that’s okay. You have ample options when it comes to how to learn to dance at home. From fitness apps to old school record players, these tips have you covered. 

Check Your TV Listings 

Dancing is popular all over the world. Maybe you can’t perform some of the stunts the talent at “World of Dance” can master, but you can learn a few basic moves if you remain tethered to the cable box. Pick one or two steps that seem doable and practice them in front of the mirror until you feel happy with your take. Then, add to your repertoire. Add a unique signature style and flair. 

Turn to YouTube 

YouTube is the end-all-be-all home for free fitness, and dance is no exception. Pull up the app on your computer and type “learn how to dance” in the address bar. You’ll find tons of tutorials to choose from — you will gravitate toward the channels you love after a while.  

Try a Fitness App 

Do you have an Amazon Fire Stick, or do you use a device such as a tablet? You can find a world of apps out there, many of which offer free content to let you try-before-you-buy. You can find one with videos that you love and pay to upgrade as your budget permits. With literally thousands to choose from, you won’t get bored even if you never drop a dime. 

Lose Yourself in the Music

Who said you needed anything other than the beat? Put on your favorite jams and dance around your living room. You can find wireless Bluetooth speakers to let you fill your entire house with sound for that matter — why not? A single command to your smartphone can let you get in the groove while you fold the laundry. 

Involve the Little Ones

Do you have children at home? You can get them involved in dance, too! Kids lack the inhibitions of adults, and as such, they love to move their bodies in a way that gives them joy. Embrace their spirit of playfulness while you frolic around the house together. You’ll strengthen your bond and help prevent childhood obesity in one fell swoop. 

Try Adding a Barre or a Pole 

If you took ballet as a child and loved it, why not consider adding a barre to your in-home fitness room? You can perform a ton of toning and flexibility exercises with this device, which comes in handy during yoga balance poses, too. 

If you want to free your inner temptress while you burn calories, you can find portable poles for exotic dancing. While they do tend to cost more if you don’t want to have to mount one as a permanent fixture in your home, if you have the cash, it’s worth the investment. You can’t find a better upper body system of exercise that only uses your weight. 

Include Plenty of Flexibility 

Dancing looks effortless, but it is a full-body workout. You twist, you pirouette, you leap — is it any wonder that leg injuries predominate among dancers? One way to prevent ending up on the disabled list is by including ample flexibility in your dance routine. 

When you perform bodyweight movements, they tighten your ligaments and tendons. While you want to strengthen them, you also want to elongate them to prevent tears. Think about yanking on a warm rubber band versus a frozen one, and you can see this principle. Keeping your muscles and connective tissues pliable allows them to give instead of ripping if you accidentally move the wrong way. 

How to Learn to Dance at Home? Listen to Your Body and Move It

You can learn to dance, even if you think you have two left feet. Try the tips above, and you’ll be ready to hit the nightclub and show off your moves. 

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