How to Maintain a Good Relationship With Friends: 9 Tips

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Monday November 30, 2020

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What would life be without friendship? Our relationships with others give our existence meaning and laughter.

Unfortunately, too many of us neglect those we care about in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Once you get married and have children, it becomes more challenging to meet up as often as you’d like. Here are nine tips on how to maintain a good relationship and honor those connections that make life sweeter.

1. Text Frequently

It doesn’t take much time to send a text to check-in and show you care. Gone are the days when you have to squeeze in a phone call or have your neck grow numb from tucking it between your ear and shoulder. You don’t want to end up like the unfortunate French psychiatrist who died from doing this. 

You don’t want to overwhelm your best friend or interrupt their workday. However, do take time to say, “Hey, how are you doing,” once or twice a week. 

2. Remember Birthday and Anniversaries

How do you feel when it’s your birthday and no one writes on your Facebook wall? You might not cry over social media, but it does boost your mood when people remember. 

When it comes to your BFF’s birthday or wedding anniversary, go all out. Consider throwing a surprise party or sending a balloon bouquet to their workplace. They’ll appreciate the attention.

3. Lend a Helping Hand…

Did your BFF recently buy their first home? As much as they’ll appreciate a housewarming gift, they’d probably like a little assistance with boxes even more. 

Lend your friends helping hands when they are in need. You don’t need to loan them your cold, hard cash. You might despise moving couches, but when it comes to your turn to get a new apartment, you’ll want them to return the favor — so pay it forward. 

4. …Or a Supportive Shoulder

If you have a friend in your life whom you can call at 3 a.m., no questions asked, return the sentiment, please. Everyone needs a supportive shoulder to cry on when their spouse asks for a divorce or loses their job in a pandemic. 

Keep in mind that you need to set healthy boundaries, or you could end up feeling resentful. It’s one thing when a genuine crisis occurs. It’s quite another when your BFF jeopardizes your career by waking you up at night to discuss the latest Netflix must-see.

5. Raid Each Other’s Closets

You landed an interview for your dream job, but you don’t have the budget for a suit. If your BFF wears a similar size, you’re in luck.

There are no gender lines when it comes to the joy of raiding closets. While you want to be fair — “share and share alike” is the rule — you can nearly double your dud stash while chilling with your bestie.

6. Join a Team or Club Together

Does joining the parks and rec softball team sound like a more fun workout than riding the elliptical? It’s scary to sign up solo — why not bring a friend? 

Joining a team or club together ensures that you get quality time to spend together. Plus, you could learn a new skill like taekwondo while squeezing in a workout. 

7. Respect Your Friend’s Confidences

Your friend confided a juicy secret about her husband. Please don’t spill it to your spouse lest he mentions it the next time he bowls with her partner. 

Plus, spilling a secret could destroy your friend’s trust — leading to a strained relationship. While they might not stop speaking with you, things will never be the same. 

8. Keep Reaching Out 

Is your friend going through a challenging time? Some people tend to withdraw when they experience hardship, which can lead to isolation and depression. This feeling of unresolved loneliness creates a vicious spiral, making them further sink into their shell. 

Please keep reaching out to your friends, even when they don’t have the strength to answer. Don’t overburden them with messages, but keep those party invitations and weekly check-in texts flowing.

9. Maintain Guys’ and Girls’ Night

Once you and your friends marry and have families to raise, it’s natural to fall out of touch. Your circle shrinks, and evenings once spent at happy hour now involve running kids to soccer practice.

While playdates give you some contact, try to maintain a girls’ or guys’ night out at least once a month. It will do your romantic relationship a favor, plus it helps you maintain firm friendships. 

Maintain a Good Relationship With Friends With These 9 Tips

It becomes more challenging to maintain a good relationship with friends as you grow older and take on more responsibilities. Use these nine tips to cement your bond.

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