How to Reduce Breast Pain Before Periods

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You’re likely to experience bloating, cramping and mood swings right before Mother Nature pays her monthly visit. And while many of us have managed to find a way to alleviate these symptoms, adding breast pain to the mix just makes things that much more frustrating. So you may be wondering how to reduce breast pain before periods.

But while breast pain is, well, a pain, that doesn’t mean you’re destined to a week of discomfort and aching every month, either. Whether you’re not sure how to reduce breast pain before periods or have used certain remedies in the past to no avail, you’ve come to the right place.

So what helps breast tenderness during PMS? In short, a few home care options include:

  1. Using a better bra
  2. Working out
  3. Eating a healthy diet low in fats and salt
  4. Avoiding caffeine as much as possible

Below, we’ll delve a little deeper into these simple ways to reduce breast pain and tenderness that’ll help you manage your early period symptoms with ease.

Use Supportive Bras


As a woman, you know there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a well-fitting bra. Who wants to feel wires jabbing into their skin or loose straps that fall down throughout the day? Not only are loose or tight-fitting bras uncomfortable and bothersome any day of the month, but they also may be the culprit behind heightened feelings of breast pain before your periods, too.

Finding a supportive bra can be life-changing, placing less strain on your breasts when they’re already experiencing discomfort. The greater the support, the less pain or tenderness you’re likely to feel.

Not sure if your bra is the right fit? Consider taking your measurements or meeting with a professional fitter who will ensure you wear a bra with the support you deserve — keeping your breasts comfy and secure throughout the day.

Hit the Gym


Not sure how to reduce breast pain before periods? Put on your yoga pants and favorite running shoes — because getting your heart pumping may be the first step.

Breast soreness, tenderness and pain are common symptoms of PMS, which creates a myriad of unwanted symptoms during a woman’s cyclical change. Because exercise is one of the easiest and most natural ways to combat this, you’ll want to work up a sweat when looking to reduce pain-related side effects.

While the thought of running on a treadmill may induce the fear of even greater anticipated breast pain, you don’t always have to engage in extreme or cardio-intensive workouts to regulate your hormones. Consider taking a stroll through a park or the city — getting out and staying busy may provide you with the distraction you need, too.

Load Up on Vitamins


Who knew that a quick trip to your local vitamin shop might be the key to finding period-related pain relief? If you’re not fond of traditional pain relief medications, consider indulging in the natural and holistic benefits offered by Vitamin E and primrose oil a few days before your period instead.

Research studies show that women who use a combination of vitamin E and primrose oil may experience less severe breast pain before their period. Because women undergo hormonal changes during their cycle, breast pain typically manifests as a result of swelling, tenderness and feelings of heaviness.

Compounds such as Vitamin E and primrose oil possess antioxidant properties that can help reduce inflammation and tissue or nerve damage, ensuring that you experience pain relief in the areas where you need it and when you need it — making them a must-have for any woman preparing for the changes that come with her cycle.

Cut Out the Junk


You know that your best friends during your period are likely found in the form of Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s and McDonald’s. But when you begin to experience breast pains before your periods, you might want to think twice before you cave into these unhealthy cravings.

Foods such as caffeine, salt, chocolate and sugary snacks can cause your body to retain more water and experience greater cramping — side effects which will only serve to worsen your breast pain. Do your body a favor and be sure to make an effort to eat healthy foods for your period during and before your menstrual cycle instead.

How to Reduce Breast Pain Before Periods: Be Mindful!

So in short, being mindful of overall tips for good health is your best shot at reducing breast discomfort before periods. If you’re still experiencing breast heaviness and pain before periods after employing a few of these tactics, you can try turning to pain relief meds like Ibuprofen.

You may also consider scheduling an appointment with your gynecologist or primary care doctor to see if there’s another underlying issue causing your discomfort. This holds particularly true if you have very severe breast pain before periods, experience a sharp pain in the breast before periods or have just one sore breast before periods.

If “ouch” and “ugh” have become an everyday part of your vocabulary while on your period, it may be time to reconsider your current pain-reducing methods. Do yourself a favor and experience some much-needed relief by using one of our remedies mentioned above.

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