How to Use Ice Rollers for Various Skin Issues

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday July 29, 2020

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Does your face seem a little dull? You’ve probably tried countless remedies to achieve soft, glowy skin. An ice facial could solve your problems! This trick has been around for centuries. It’s proven to reduce puffiness, fight inflammation, prevent acne and more. Now, it’s easier than ever to try an ice facial at home with some tools. Here’s how to use ice rollers for beautiful skin.

1. For Soothed Under Eyes

Here’s an effective way to de-puff the under-eye area. You may experience under-eye bags for a few different reasons. They tend to become more common with age, but there’s also a chance that diet, allergies or sleep could play a part. Fortunately, it’s possible to soothe under eyes with an ice roller.

You can use a chilled ice roller whenever your eye areas seem dry or puffy. You’ll want to roll the tool under your eyes gently so that you don’t tug at the skin. Try this trick before you apply under-eye products for better absorption.

2. For a Post-Wax Treatment

A wax can leave your skin red and irritated. If you choose to wax at home, it’s important to soothe the area afterward to prevent unnecessary pain. That’s especially true if you need to wax the same spot more than once. Use an ice roller to keep your eyebrows, upper lip and chin sting-free.

Keep an ice roller handy so that you can roll each area post-wax. Make sure to wait a few minutes before you wax a specific area again. Otherwise, you’ll irritate your skin.

3. For Flawless Makeup Application

An ice roller treatment can help your skin appear softer and smoother. Many people with oily skin have enlarged pores. This issue can make foundations and concealers look patchy and creased. Although it’s impossible to shrink pores, you can tighten yours to make them look smaller.

Before you apply your makeup, it’s smart to do your regular skincare routine. Then, you’ll want to ice-roll your face to clean out dead skin and excess sebum from your pores. This step should help your pores look tightened and small. As a result, your makeup will apply smoothly.

4. For After Sun Care

If you’ve spent too much time outside, it’s smart to treat your skin as soon as possible. A sunburn causes significant damage to your skin — and it’s plain painful, too. A sunburn retains heat under the skin, so it’s often beneficial to apply a cool treatment.

Use an ice roller before you apply aloe or moisturizer to your sunburn. You’ll be able to create a calm base for additional products this way. Ice your sunburn throughout the day for maximum benefits.

5. For Less Painful Pimples

Those who suffer from mild to severe acne can benefit from ice rollers. It’s important to note that this solution won’t stop or prevent acne. That said, it can make your pimples less prominent and painful. Almost all pimples are inflamed or infected — and that’s what leads to large, unsightly pumps that take days to disappear.

Ice works as a way to calm irritation. A nightly ice-roll can help your skin stay calm so that any current pimples don’t evolve into more significant problems. You can also use ice as a spot treatment. Ice a specific area for a minute or two to “freeze” a pimple.

Try These Tips for Renewed and Reenergized Skin

These suggestions can help you learn how to use ice rollers for various skin-related issues. Whether you suffer from puffy under eyes or random inflamed pimples, it’s time to incorporate an ice roller into your skincare routine. Try coupling your routine with other beneficial habits, like sleeping on a satin pillowcase to help reduce damage to your face overnight.

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