How to Work Out at Home During the Winter

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday December 27, 2018

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There’s nothing better than finishing a great workout and feeling accomplished. It’s why you push yourself to drive to the gym or run outside. Even if you don’t enjoy the exercise, it’s great to move and strengthen your body.

Even though you’d like to think that weather doesn’t affect your workouts, it plays a significant role during the colder months. Snow and sleet may keep you off the road or stuck indoors. It puts a damper on your regular exercise routine, but you can still get moving with new activities.

Check out these six winter workouts you can do at home. Avoid the danger of chilling winds and icy roads while still keeping activity so you stay happy and healthy.

Try Mountain Climbers

If you’ve been an avid workout enthusiast for a long time, you probably prefer exercises that target your whole body at once. Mountain climbers are an easy way to do that because they’re a cardio workout that also engages your core.

Before you attempt this move, learn how to do it correctly to avoid injuries. After you put yourself in a plank position, draw one knee into your chest and extend it back out again. Switch knees repeatedly for a total-body workout. Keep it up for multiple rounds to get in a quick workout that develops your strength.

Practice Daily Yoga

Anyone who hasn’t tried yoga may think it’s a series of stretches, but it’s an excellent way to workout indoors. You can find online yoga classes or free videos to follow along in your living room. As you move through each position, you’ll use different muscle groups to strengthen them over time.

Use Your Stairs

Anyone who has a staircase in their home has access to a private stepmill. When you get tired of mountain climbers or yoga and want to focus on your glutes, try a few staircase exercises for a new form of cardio. Jog up and down the stairs for fifteen minutes until you start to sweat. You can also use the bottom steps as a platform to deepen your lunges.

Host A Dance-Off

Get your family involved with your winter workouts by hosting a dance-off. Turn on their favorite upbeat songs or use a dancing video game to see who has the best moves. Even if you only dance for ten minutes, it’s a fun way to get your heart pumping and experience an indoor cardio workout.

Perform Calisthenic Exercises

Calisthenics is an exercise that relies only on your body weight. By switching up the moves and intensity of your workouts, you’ll tone your muscles and build strength without ever leaving your home.

Familiar movements like pull-ups, push-ups and jump squats all count as calisthenics. Find a routine that uses these moves interchangeably to discover a winter workout that doesn’t require weights or equipment.

Experiment With Pilates

Pilates is like yoga, but it’s more intense. If you try yoga and feel like you’re missing something, pilates could be the winter exercise routine you need. Once you’ve cleared some space in your home, follow a simple beginner’s workout that uses moves like roll-ups, double-leg stretches and planks. You’ll get a feel for the movements and learn if it’s the right exercise for you.

Try Something New

Make the most of your workouts this winter with these indoor ideas. Staying strong and healthy isn’t worth the risk of going outside in freezing temperatures. Try a new workout to see what you like and change things up to keep your exercises interesting until spring arrives.

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