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Looking for the latest updates and news? Body+Mind will keep you in the loop with the latest fashion trends, fun new activities, safe travel tips and so much more. The best part? We always promote healthy living! So, here you’ll find our carefully curated articles on lifestyle that are inspired by ours and our readers’ everyday lives.

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Self-Care Activities for Couples

Self-Care Activities for Couples: Pamper Your Way to a Stronger Bond

When you hear the term “self-care,” you might envision taking off to a day spa solo and doing nothing but indulging in massage and manicures in between hot tub sessions. However, no one said you have to visit a pro — or make your indulgence a lonely affair.  Both you and your mate deserve a […]

What Is Clean Eating

What Is Clean Eating? 6 Tips to Improve Your Diet

You might have heard people speak about “eating clean.” What exactly does that phrase mean?  Fortunately, the term has nothing to do with hygiene measures. Instead, it refers to making healthier menu choices that don’t harm your body but benefit it somehow. Here are six tips that answer the what is clean eating question while […]

How to Have a Self-Care Day

How to Have a Self-Care Day: 6 Steps

What is self-care? If you think that you need a bankroll to hit up a pricey day spa, think again. You can create the perfect indulgence right at home.  All you need to do is nurture your body, mind and spirit. Here are six steps for how to have a self-care day that will leave […]

12 Foods That Detox Your Body

12 Foods that Detox Your Body

A quick internet search reveals pages and pages of proposed detox diets. Some of them do bring health benefits, but anything you do short-term can’t make up for long-term, daily exposure to harmful substances.  You’re better off incorporating detoxifying meals into your everyday diet. An ongoing process of making healthier choices will do more for […]

Active Listening Skills in Relationships

Active Listening Skills in Relationships: 5 Exercises to Do With Your Partner

Do you want to restore a sense of intimacy and trust in your relationship? Active listening is the best way to help each other feel heard and build the emotional connection that only flourishes with positive communication.  Please don’t be like many folks who think that some people are naturally better conversationalists than others. Like […]

How to Be Sustainable in School

How to Be Sustainable at School: Tips for College Students

As a college student, part of your education entails learning about the world people share — and hopefully, how everyone has a responsibility to help protect it. What can you do while in university to reduce your carbon footprint?  While you might not convert your dorms to solar power, you can take proactive steps to […]

9 Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

9 Sustainable Lifestyle Changes to Make in 2021

Human beings only have one planet. Everybody has a responsibility to do their part to keep things cleaner and greener.  How can you improve your ecological savvy and reduce your carbon footprint this year? Here are nine sustainable lifestyle changes to make in 2021 for a healthier planet.  1. Ditch the Straw It’s an automatic […]

Expressing Anger in Relationships

Expressing Anger in Relationships: 5 Steps for Preventing Arguments

Anger is a natural emotion — it alerts you that something is wrong. It also provides the requisite energy to take immediate action. The problem arises when your impulsivity overrides respect for your partner’s feelings, and you express your ire in hurtful ways.  It’s challenging to bring up emotions most people think of as negative. […]

How to Prevent Injury During Exercise

How to Prevent Injury During Exercise: 5 Tips

If you are an athlete, few things distress you as much as spending time on the dreaded disabled list (DL). However, any fitness program comes with inherent risks. It’s far less stressful and painful to prevent injury in the first place.  You need a degree of mindfulness to recognize when you are pushing too hard […]