The Benefits of Hula Hooping: 7 Reasons to Give It a Spin

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Saturday November 19, 2022

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If you’re looking to start a new exercise routine, consider the benefits of hula hooping. This enjoyable exercise tool isn’t just for childhood. Hula hoops are an effective way to burn calories and stay healthy. 

Here are seven reasons to add hula hooping into your exercise routine. 

1. It Burns Calories

Hula hooping is an effective way to burn calories without heavy equipment. It’s conducive to a small space, which makes it a good choice for anyone who can’t get to the gym. 

Just 30 minutes of this exercise can burn over 100 calories, making it an easy workout to help you lose or maintain weight. 

This calorie deficit is comparable to dance and other aerobic workout activities, making it a good option if you don’t want to take a class.

2. It Shrinks Your Waist 

Hula hooping works your core muscles and can tone up your waist. 

The activity trains your hips, obliques and abdominal muscles to tighten and the movement and move fat away from your waistline. 

If you want to lose inches from your waist, consider investing in a weighted hula hoop for better results. 

3. It’s Fun 

Many people enjoyed hula hooping as a child but won’t do it as an adult because it seems childish. The truth is that hula hooping is for everyone and is a lot of fun!

The exercise can release your jitters and give your something to smile about. After a long day, you can relax by putting on some music and hooping the stress away. 

It’s so fun that your kids can join in, making it the perfect activity to bond and get their bodies moving. 

4. Improves Your Balance

If you struggle with your balance, hula-hooping is an exercise you can do for it. . 

Any activity that forces you to stabilize your core and maintain posture can help you regain balance. 

Start slow and steady and work your way up to gaining a better center of gravity, which can improve your balance during day-to-day activities. 

5. It’s Portable 

A hula hoop is a great exercise tool thanks to its ability to work almost anywhere. All you need is a few feet of space and you can get a great workout in no time. 

Some hoops even come in broken-down pieces that you can take with you in the car or on a plane, so you can exercise with your own equipment on vacation. 

6. It’s Good for Your Heart

Hula hooping is an aerobic exercise, which can strengthen your cardiovascular system. 

As you get into the rhythm of your workout, your heart rate will increase and your lungs will work a little harder. This is called the aerobic zone. 

This zone increases the number and size of your blood vessels and improves your lung’s ventilation abilities, helping you stay healthy. 

7. It’s Inexpensive 

One of the best parts of exercising with a hula hoop is that they’re relatively inexpensive. 

While treadmills and stationary bikes can cost hundreds of dollars, hula hoops start at just a few bucks. 

The lost cost makes it a great exercise option for almost anyone, so you can get out and start moving almost anytime. 

Benefits of Hula Hooping in Your Workout

Hula hoops are an easy way to get and stay in shape. If you’re looking for an excellent aerobic workout with plenty of benefits, consider getting yourself a hoop.

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