Risks of Smoking While Trying to Conceive

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Thursday December 20, 2018

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For most women, the decision to get pregnant comes with a few lifestyle changes. If you’re trying to conceive, you may head out to your local drug store to load up on prenatal vitamins. You may even make an added effort to work out at the gym to prepare your body for this upcoming life change. But while most women know that dietary and lifestyle changes play a crucial role in their fertility, they often overlook the risks of smoking while trying to conceive.

It’s no secret that smoking isn’t the best for your body, but few people realize that also poses a risk to their ability to have children, too.

Smoking while trying to conceive is inevitably an issue that’s worth discussing — especially when since women who smoke are 60% more likely to be infertile when compared to nonsmokers. So every time you whip out a new pack of Marlboros, understand the risks of smoking while trying to conceive.

Is Smoking While Trying to Conceive Really Harmful?

You’ve likely seen all of those smoking-related ads that beacon you to throw out your cigarettes for good. Now, you’re wondering if articles such as these that highlight the impact of smoking on fertility and conception are true, too.

Scientific evidence demonstrates that smoking can have a negative impact on a child before their born. Even if you’re not pregnant, smoking may be the reason behind your trouble when trying to conceive.

You know the drinking can impact your fertility and are likely to put the booze on the back of your kitchen shelf while trying to get pregnant. You may even be inclined to toss out your junk food and opt for healthier options while preparing your body for pregnancy, too.

So when you’re analyzing and paying extra attention to the substances and chemicals that enter your body when you’re trying to conceive, don’t overlook the impact of smoking on your reproductive capabilities.

A Cause of Reproductive Complication

If you and your partner have actively tried to get pregnant to no avail, you may be wondering why. Is it the stress? Or are you simply not tracking your cycle to have sex at the ideal time? While you may be frantically searching for the answer, the culprit for your reproductive system problems can sometimes be found in plain sight — in the form of a pack of cigarettes.

While it’s widely known that cigarettes produce a negative impact on a user’s lungs, the damage can go far beyond an individual’s respiratory system. In fact, tobacco is linked to altered hormone secretion levels that can make it more challenging for a woman to get pregnant when trying to conceive.

And men aren’t exempt from fertility issues connected to tobacco use, either. Smoking can damage the DNA in a man’s sperm and impact his fertility, too.

Damage to Your Uterus and Ovaries

When discussing reproductive health, you can’t avoid mentioning the part of a female’s anatomy that is responsible for helping her create a new life. This means that the ovaries, uterus, and other reproductive organs are all of special interest for anyone looking to get pregnant.

In fact, we’re betting that the first thing a doctor is likely to look at for a woman experiencing reproductive problems is her reproductive organs. These parts of your body play a vital role in your ability to conceive, after all.

But if you find yourself struggling with some of the top reproductive system issues commonly found in women, you may want to put our your cigarette — for good. Not only is there a link between smoking and pelvic inflammatory disease, but there’s also a noted correlation between uterus and ovaries issues and smoking, too.

Are There Better Alternative Smoking Methods?

If you’re a smoker, you may be wondering if there are healthier alternatives to the traditional cigarette that you can keep as a part of your daily routine — even while trying to get pregnant.

So now, you want to know whether or not to use e-cigarettes, marijuana, or other smoking substances when trying to conceive. However, research studies show that marijuana can alter a woman’s menstrual cycle. Since e-cigarettes contain nicotine, they can also reduce your fertility potential, too.

Too Many Risks of Smoking While Trying to Conceive

Smoking not only poses as an issue while trying to conceive but when trying to optimize your sense of well-being, too. To maximize your chances of getting pregnant, you want to experience the best health possible. For many, this means cutting unhealthy substances out of their life — starting with tobacco.

Smoking isn’t just linked to hormone alterations and reproduction complications. Women who smoke regularly are at an increased risk for developing breast cancer, are more susceptible to developing lung infections, and can experience an earlier death due to their increased health risks.

Smoking while trying to conceive isn’t just dangerous for your unborn child — it’s toxic for you, too. If you or your partner smoke, quitting this habit can be beneficial to your overall health and may increase your chances of conceiving with success.

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