Simple Burrito Bowl Meal Prep Ideas

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Sunday August 23, 2020

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Do you want to change up your work lunches? A bunch of meal-prepped dishes can save you time and energy that you’d otherwise need to make your food — no more 6 a.m. alarm clocks! You can also cut down on waste and takeout, which helps your bank account. There are several ways to create healthy, tasty choices.

For many meal preppers, burrito bowls are a staple. Here are a few burrito bowl meal prep ideas to transform your standard chicken, rice and beans selection.

1. Try a Different Protein

If you eat too much chicken, it can get old fast – unless you have a diverse seasoning rotation on hand. In any case, it’s probably best to round out your protein options so that you eat a balanced diet. Fortunately, burrito bowls complement every protein! From pork to steak, there are many ways to jazz up this meal.

Most plant-based proteins won’t take long to cook, so choose tofu or seitan if you don’t have much time. You can add extra beans, too. Otherwise, try carne asada made from grilled beef. You could also use a spicy pork sausage called chorizo.

2. Create Rubs and Marinades

You never want to dig into a dry burrito bowl, right? If you’re after a tasty lunch, it’s time to experiment with new spices and sauces. You’ll want to work with Mexican-inspired flavors so that you can get the whole burrito bowl experience. Of course, you can always adjust for spiciness or heat if you want more mild flavors.

Try a chipotle rub for your protein choice. These spices often include chili powder, smoked paprika and ground cumin. If you don’t want a smokier flavor, why not try some cilantro and lime? You can create a light, zesty marinade with those two components, plus cayenne pepper and onion powder.

It’s always best to let your protein sit after you add any spices and sauces. This way, it soaks up the flavors better.

3. Add More Whole Grains

It’s time to take a step back from white rice – or add another grain to the mix! It’s essential to incorporate whole grains into your diet so that you can meet your daily nutrition requirements. Luckily, it’s easy to find options that you can add to your burrito bowls.

Aside from white rice, you could try brown rice as a healthier alternative. You may also want to cook quinoa and corn. Feel free to add two different portions, like half white rice and half quinoa. This rotation can make your burrito bowls feel brand new every time you make them.

4. Experiment With Different Vegetables

A standard burrito bowl often incorporates vegetables like grilled peppers and onions. While those options are tasty, it’s possible to take your meal to a new level. A few unique vegetable add-ins can help you stay fit. Plus, it’s always nice to have a new use for leftover vegetables.

Try sweet potatoes, roasted zucchini, sliced avocado, pickled jalapenos, black olives and grape tomatoes. You should also incorporate greens when possible – spinach and lettuce are simple picks.

5. Pack Any Sauces Separately

If you want to take your burrito bowls a step further, it’s essential to pack a flavorful sauce. You can always stick to classics like chunky salsa and salsa verde. You could also explore options like chipotle mayo and avocado creme. Do you have a salad dressing that would work well? Feel free to use that, too!

A pre-packed burrito bowl should only include base components so that they don’t become soggy overnight. That means that you should store vegetables and sauces individually. Then, incorporate your vegetables and other add-ons before you leave for work, but keep the sauce separate until it’s time for lunch. Your storage methods matter!

Use These Burrito Bowl Meal Prep Ideas for a Delicious Lunch

If you want to jazz up your lunch options, try these suggestions for a tasty burrito bowl! It’s hard to get tired of these options.

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