Sunday Reset Ideas for a Better Week

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday January 4, 2023

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A Sunday reset will be perfect for you if you want to start your week off on the right foot. There may not be a cure for all the stress you feel from the week ahead, but there are steps you can take to prepare. Sunday resets do not have to be a day-long intricate process like you may have seen before. It can be whatever makes you feel relaxed and ready for the week ahead. 

What Is A Sunday Reset?

A Sunday reset is the perfect time to catch up on things you missed out on doing during the week. It is hard to balance chores, seeing friends and family, sleep and your work life. This can also mean putting aside to do anything you want to do, which could be absolutely nothing. A Sunday reset is whatever you want it to be.

Here are some ideas to add to your Sunday reset for a better week.

1. Exercise

After a busy or lazy weekend, do something that will benefit your body. Maybe some things came up in your life that caused you to skip some of your workouts. There is no time like the present so do it now! Exercise looks different for everyone. You could go on a slow-paced outside walk or hit the gym for an intense training session, whatever makes you feel good. 

2. Sleep in

Turn off your alarm and let your body naturally wake you up. A slow morning could give you the energy you need to recharge for the remainder of the week. Even if your body wakes you up at the same time every morning, try to relax and enjoy the moments before your day starts. Let yourself indulge in the time you have to lay in your bed longer than usual. 

3. Prepare Meals

Take away the weekly stress about what you eat for each meal. You can prep out meals you will be taking to work for lunch or when returning home after a long day. Furthermore, this can help you from spending extra money when you do not have time to cook after work. Also, it can help you stay on track if you have any nutrition goals. If you would instead go the weekend without cooking, you can brainstorm some ideas for each meal so you at least have a plan. 

4. Do Nothing

Doing absolutely nothing could be just what you need for the week. Having a packed schedule all week is overwhelming so sitting back and relaxing on the couch for the day can give you the rest you need to tackle the rest of your week. Sunday resets do not have to be filled with chores or things you do not want to do. It can simply be a whole day of relaxing to yourself.

5. Establish the Weeks Intention

Try setting intentions for the week coming up. Think about some things you can control to accomplish this week. Maybe you will want to include a daily walk or spend more time with someone you love. Adding a small goal or intention can set the tone for a positive week and ease worries about what might go right or wrong. 

Enjoy You-Time

Having a day where you can do whatever you want is a fantastic feeling. Do whatever feels best for you to make the most of your day. No matter how you spend this time, you deserve it from all the week’s hard work. 

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