The Importance of Female Friendships

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Sunday August 9, 2020

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From movies to television shows to that girl from your high school who constantly said, “I’m only friends with guys because girls are just too much drama,” there’s a common misconception that female friendships are catty, mean and petty. Often, women are paralyzed with the internalized idea that female friendships are filled with heartbreak, which leads them away from fulfilling female friendships with women who could bring a lot to their lives.

However, female friendships can do so much. They offer a real sense of support and comradery, especially when you allow yourself to truly trust your friends and lean on one another. In this modern age, people need their friends more than ever — especially women.

Whether you have a few besties or a whole goddess crew, your female friendships enhance your life in so many ways you might not even understand. No matter how strong you may be, everybody needs some sisters to lean on.

1. Uplifting One Another

Female friends are sure to have your back — they’re your wing women, your cheerleaders and your hype men. Whether you need a pick-me-up on a bad day or you’re feeling wonderful, your girls will be there to celebrate with and uplift you. While male friends can do this, too, there is a sense of understanding within female friendships that can make the exchange extra special.

When you uplift your girlfriends, they uplift you. It becomes a radical cycle of positivity and happiness.

2. A Safe Space

Contrary to popular belief, sensitivity is not a bad thing. In fact, sensitivity is a strength, especially when it comes to being there for your friends. One of the great things about having close female friends is that they can be a judgment-free zone where you can come with problems and struggles. Your friends will hear you, give advice or sometimes offer a shoulder to cry on.

Female friends are more likely to explore their feelings and dive deeper into your troubles and struggles with you — or perhaps they’ll pop open a bottle of wine and let you cry it out.

3. One Person Can’t Do It All

One of the reasons people — especially women — disappear from friendships and cast them aside is prioritizing romantic relationships. In a lot of ways, this is totally normal. If you have a significant other, you probably want to spend as much time with them as possible. They’re a big part of your life, so this makes sense.

Still, one person can’t meet all of your needs. Putting that pressure on somebody may be too much for your partner, and it won’t satisfy you completely, either. Female friendships are a part of the collective that helps to fill your life with joy and support. Just like your romantic partner or family wants to love and support you, your friends will, too.

4. Harnessing Your Feminine Energy

If you’re into energies and engaging with your spirituality throughout your life, tapping into your feminine energy might be of interest to you. Exploring this side of yourself can help you feel more comfortable and connected in your identity as a woman, especially in a society where masculine traits are valued so highly.

Part of harnessing your feminine energy is being open and ready to receive, which you can do by surrounding yourself with powerful women you admire. When you surround yourself with women who have strong, beautiful feminine energy all around them, you’ll start to see it in yourself, too. 

5. Having a Little Fun

Although the other stuff is wildly important, there’s something to be said for letting loose and having a little fun with your girls. Sure, friendships offer support when times are tough and encouragement through uncertainty, but on a basic level, friendship is also about finding people who you like spending time with. You enjoy being in their presence, and you like doing things together.

Spending time with the people you love is part of what makes life beautiful, so get on board! Kick back with your girlfriends. Life is short — you should all have a bit of fun.

Besties Forever

Female friendships are important and beneficial for every woman. They have the potential to bring so much positive change and happiness to your life. Whether you have one or two besties or a whole group of friends, you deserve positive, fulfilling exchanges with like minded women, and you have the power to find them.

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