What Is the Purpose of Marriage?

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Monday October 24, 2022

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Are you wondering if you should tie the knot? Marriage can bring plenty of joy and satisfaction to your budding relationship. Still, you might have noticed that many modern couples commit to long-term or live-in relationships and forgo marriage altogether. 

Naturally, you might be wondering if marriage is right for you or whether there’s still an argument for marriage at all. Keep reading to explore the purpose of marriage and the many benefits of making a lifelong commitment to your loved one.

What Is Marriage?

Marriage or matrimony is a legal union between two consenting individuals. The union holds various spiritual and cultural implications in different regions of the world. For some, marriage is a sacred religious covenant. 

The significance of marriage will vary depending on the culture and belief systems of the parties involved. Still, it is a binding arrangement with legal implications, including certain rights and responsibilities of both parties. 

What Is the Purpose of Marriage? 

It might go without saying, but marriage is about much more than white gowns, sparkling bands and extensive gift registries. Marriage helps couples grow — together and as individuals — and learn to love more deeply.

Learn about some of the wonderful benefits of getting married: 

1. Security

While there are many reasons for marriage, assuming legal rights to your spouse’s assets in the event of their unexpected passing is one of the most unique. This legal inheritance of your spouse’s financial assets is how inheritance occurs between next of kin.

2. Companionship

Marriage is more than sharing finances. It’s also about companionship. It is as much of an emotional and spiritual union as it is a legal one. Walking through life with someone you love and trust — someone who has promised to care for you through thick and thin — is comforting for many. 

3. Pleasure

Marriage is a lifelong, exclusive commitment to one person. Sharing physical and emotional intimacy with another person — someone who has devoted themselves to you and only you for life — brings both parties a sense of intellectual, emotional, and physical safety, pleasure and satisfaction. 

4. Partnership 

Two halves make a whole in a marriage. It is a unique, dynamic partnership where both individuals become better versions of themselves to nurture the marriage. Each person must be wholeheartedly and unwaveringly dedicated to compromise and compassion for a marriage to succeed and thrive.

5. Family

When you marry your partner, you legally become a part of their family. Their family becomes yours, and vice versa. Marriage is also a safe place to create and raise your own family, knowing your partner is dedicated to and responsible for rearing the children.

Is Marriage Right for You? 

We know marriage is a big decision — and it can’t be made after reading one article. But, as you can see, there is still a strong argument for why couples should walk the aisle. 

Hopefully, when armed with the many reasons couples choose to marry each other, you will better understand whether matrimony suits your relationship.

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