What to Add to Iced Coffee: 11 Ideas

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday November 3, 2021

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How did people wake up in the morning before the invention of coffee? This magical bean brew has the power to transform your day. 

You might be one of the many who enjoys their morning brew over ice in the summertime. You don’t have to add to a fancy shop and drop $5 to $8 to get a delicious beverage. What to add to iced coffee? Here are 11 fun ideas. 

1. Turmeric and Black Pepper

Have you had a few aches and pains of late? If so, why not treat it with one of mother nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory agents while adding a delicious chai-like flavor to your morning brew? Turmeric contains curcumin to cure minor discomforts, and the black pepper increases this magical compound’s bioavailability by 2,000%. 

You can buy powdered root or add a few shavings directly to your grounds. Do the same with the black pepper. A dash of stevia clears up any bitterness, leaving you with a healing brew that tastes like something from a fancy shop. 

2. Cocoa Powder

Are you a mocha fan? If so, it’s simple to recreate the coffee house flavor at home by adding a bit of cocoa powder to your grounds. 

If you’re an instant coffee fan, you can use those crystals to caffeinate hot chocolate, too. Just stir a teaspoon in with your powdered packet. Keep this trick in mind when the weather turns cooler. 

3. Honey 

Honey might be sweet, but it also does your body good. It’s rich in bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants and even contains trace amounts of necessary vitamins and minerals. 

Honey will raise your blood sugar levels slightly, so go easy on this sweet treat. However, it is a better alternative than sugar, with a glycemic index of 58 compared to 60. 

4. Whipped Cream 

The best part about getting a latte at a fancy shop is the toppings. Why skip the best part when you DIY? 

Fortunately, you no longer have to go without this sweet treat if you follow a vegan lifestyle. You can find whipped creams made from almond milk for all the goodness, cruelty-free. 

5. Vanilla 

It’s a piece of birthday cake to add a dash of vanilla to your morning iced coffee. You can give it a strong taste of this tropical spice by adding a quarter to a half teaspoon of the extract to your grounds. 

Are you a true aficionado? Give this ultra-vanilla method a try: Scrape a vanilla bean pod into your coffee beans and let it infuse overnight. 

6. Hazelnut 

Did you think hazelnut flavoring only came in a creamer? Nonsense. You can get the delicious flavor — and much of the antioxidant goodness — using the method below. 

Grab some shelled, unsalted hazelnuts, available at nearly any grocery store. Grind them together with your coffee beans and add to your filter. You add terrific taste and quite a few essential minerals, like magnesium. 

7. Butter 

Does butter seem more like something that should belong on your toast, not in your cup? This method could help you avoid the dreaded caffeine and sugar crash that can happen with too much coffee on an empty stomach. Therefore, it’s the ideal addition to iced coffee if you’re among the breakfast-skipping crew. 

Fats like butter absorb slowly, mitigating the amount of caffeine and sugar flooding your bloodstream at once. If you’re among the vegan crowd, you can also substitute cruelty-free coconut oil for a similar effect. 

8. Flavored Syrup 

Of course, if you want the easiest method of adding flavor to your coffee, you can’t go wrong with flavored syrup. From vanilla to peppermint, you’ll find something designed to suit your tastes. 

Use caution — many such flavored syrups contain high amounts of sugar. However, you can also find sugar-free varieties. Nor do you have to go the artificial sweetener route. Today, you can find several brands that use natural stevia for a hint of sweetness. 

9. Herb Tea 

One way to reduce your caffeine intake is alternating each cup of coffee with one of herb tea. However, what if you take your morning brew with you in a supersized, industrial-strength Thermos? Why not mix the two? 

It may sound unusual to blend tea and coffee in the States. However, this delicious beverage is called Yuanyang in Korean and is widely popular. It offers all the health benefits of your favorite herbed brew with the pick-me-up power of joe. 

10. Ice Cream 

I scream, you scream — who doesn’t scream for ice cream? These days, even vegans can find delectable creamy varieties to add to their morning (or after-dinner) joe. 

You can transform this idea into a float for dessert. If you don’t want the jitters that accompany coffee past 3 p.m., opt for a decaf brew. 

11. Liqueur 

Do you want to turn your coffee into cocktail hour? While it’s inadvisable to do so first thing in the morning before work, there’s a reason restaurant menus feature alcohol-infused coffee drinks. 

A classic addition is Bailey’s Irish cream. Need a little south-of-the-border escape? Try a shot of Kahlua. When the holiday arrives, a bit of peppermint schnapps adds holiday cheer to your brew. 

Try Adding These 11 Things to Your Next Iced Coffee

Your morning brew helps bring you to life each morning. Liven your next iced coffee up with these 11 brilliant additions. 

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