10 Foods That Help a Sore Throat

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10 Foods That Help a Sore Throat
Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday December 10, 2020

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There are so many reasons you might deal with a sore throat during the year. Allergies can cause inflammation, but so can the common cold. You might get an itchy sore throat when you get a virus or deal with nightly postnasal drip. When you’ve taken steps to get a proper diagnosis, there are a few things you can do at home to speed up your recovery.

Check out the top 10 foods that help a sore throat feel better and heal faster. While you rest, these dietary changes will make sure you get back on your feet in no time.

1. Scrambled Eggs

When you eat food, it slides against all sides of your throat on its way down to your stomach. Even if you chew your food thoroughly, the texture will inflame the already irritated tissue. Scrambled eggs won’t do that. They’re soft and easy to digest, so add all your favorite toppings and enjoy this protein-based breakfast to fuel your body while it recovers.

2. Turmeric Drinks

Turmeric is a popular spice for foods like soups and dressings. It’s especially useful when you have a sore throat because it blocks and suppresses inflammation long after digesting it. Add a little turmeric to your favorite hot drinks and gargle it when it reaches room temperature. As it comes into contact with your sore throat, it will reduce the inflammation that makes it painful to eat and swallow.

3. Boiled Root Veggies

Some root vegetables will boost your immune system, so they’re great to eat when you’re sick. Sweet potatoes are a natural source of beta carotene. When your body digests this nutrient, it converts it into vitamin A, which fuels your immune system.

Boiling is the best way to eat these veggies because they’ll be soft enough not to irritate your throat. Boil sweet potatoes and eat them at any meal, so your body can heal your throat.

4. Tea With Honey

Tea feels good on sore throats, but it won’t aid the healing process unless you add honey. Honey has a natural antibacterial composition. Healers use it to treat infections and diseases because it helps defeat antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. 

If you have Type 2 diabetes, it’s worth noting that honey raises blood sugar quickly and could cause your normal levels to spike. Use it in small amounts to gauge how much your body can tolerate and not jeopardize your health.

5. Fruit Smoothies

Antioxidants are the sidekick your immune system needs to defeat illnesses. You can find them in fruits such as:

  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries

Fruit smoothies are easy on irritated throats and provide the assistance your immune system might need to help you recover. They’re also a great way to fuel young athletes with healthy foods to give them the nutrients they need to stay active.

6. Chicken Soup

An old wives’ tale claims that chicken soup is good for sore throats. Science recently proved that claim true. Researchers found that chicken soup broth inhibited neutrophil migration activity, which resulted in an anti-inflammatory effect. As long as the soup contains small pieces of chicken, soft vegetables and well-cooked noodles, it’s easy on your throat and good for your body.

7. Oatmeal Varieties

Oatmeal is another one of the foods that help a sore throat. It’s the only food that exclusively contains avenanthramides, which have the highest antioxidant property of natural antioxidant sources. Combined with the fiber in oatmeal, this food processes bacteria and flushes them out of your system. It speeds the healing process by removing the source of your illness efficiently.

You can also eat this food if you’re up late at night because your sore throat makes it difficult to sleep. Oatmeal helps your brain release the necessary serotonin that relaxes your mind. Eat it morning, noon and night to heal your body and maintain your health.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Along with being a source of antibacterial and antioxidant properties, apple cider vinegar cuts through and reduces phlegm because it’s acidic. Mucus often invades the throat when you suffer from illnesses. Diluting apple cider vinegar in your hot drinks or even a glass of water can provide immediate relief and assistance to your immune system.

After you feel better, you might wonder what you can do with the rest of the apple cider vinegar in your fridge. It comes in large bottles that will last a long time, so add it to your hair care to improve your scalp and hair quality. It’s great for topical and digestive uses, so see how it makes you feel and look better without any chemical additives.

9. Chamomile Tea

You can find chamomile tea at most grocery stores because it’s an all-natural remedy for the common cold and sore throat. When researchers used it to fight inflammation, it proved to be a powerful component of the multi-targeted approach to phytotherapeutic remedies. It reduces inflammation, while the hot tea soothes away any lingering soreness.

10. Cinnamon Sweets

Cheer yourself up with something sweet, especially anything with cinnamon in it. Ground cinnamon and liquid extracts displayed high antibacterial activity in studies. Add it to your tea or invest in cinnamon cough drops, so you get something delicious while you’re still feeling under the weather.

See What You Enjoy Most

Try these 10 foods that help a sore throat the next time you feel under the weather. They’ll comfort you during bouts of sickness and even typical allergies. A few can even improve your diet long after recovery, so see which foods you enjoy the most.

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