10 Homemade Hair Care Tips

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Monday August 2, 2021

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10 Homemade Hair Care Tips

Are you still rocking your pandemic mane? If you have an unruly head of hair after months of shutdowns and no salon visits, how can you prepare your locks to get back out there? The good news is that you don’t have to drop a bundle on professional treatments — although you might want to leave the scissors to your stylist. In the meantime, here are ten homemade hair care tips that will tame that unruly mop and leave you looking ready to face the world. 

1. Twist and Curl

Do you envy those with seemingly effortless beachy waves when your hair hangs stick straight? You don’t have to turn to damaging heat to get the ringlets you crave. 

If you want loose waves, try braiding your hair while it’s still wet. Add a touch of gel to each plait to help cement the look. You can leave it to dry overnight and shake out a gloriously tousled head of waves in the morning. 

Do you want tighter curls? Try the Bantu knot technique — this style has the advantage of looking chic while it sets, not just when you shake out the look. However, please remain sensitive and avoid cultural appropriation by acknowledging the African heritage of this method. 

2. Homemade Rollers 

Who said you had to drop a bundle on a professional roller set? If your budget is tight, you can use various household objects to add body and waves to your mane. 

If it’s top volume you want, take an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll and cut it into smaller halves. Loop large wet sections near your crown around the tube, hold it in place with bobby pins and spritz with a lightweight hairspray. When it dries, you can wave goodbye to the humidity-inspired helmet head. 

3. Lighten With Lemon

You might have heard the trick of getting natural light highlights by adding lemon juice to wet hair and spending time in the sun. It turns out that this substance has various other benefits. 

Lemon juice has antifungal properties that can ease the seborrheic dermatitis that causes dandruff. It also can improve your scalp’s pH balance and reduce excess itchiness and dryness. 

4. Or Try a Peroxide Spritz

If you want more dramatic highlights, consider adding some diluted hydrogen peroxide to a spray bottle and giving your wet hair a spritz before spending time outdoors. This method sometimes reveals red highlights, so use care if you prefer a less brassy blond. 

For best results, you might want to go to a salon. You can also make a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and leave it to set for up to an hour. 

5. Condition With Coconut

Is your hair dry? You don’t have to drop a fortune on a pricey conditioner — just pick up a container of coconut oil next time you hit the grocery. 

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature — you’ll find the texture akin to a thick pomade. Apply a generous dollop and work it through the ends. Leave it on for two to three minutes while the heat of the shower lets it penetrate and rinse.

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6. Or Make a Healing Homemade Mask

Does your hair need a little extra TLC? If you are recovering from a bad color or perm, this healing mask can help. 

Blend coconut oil with a few drops of rosemary and peppermint essential oil. Rosemary has potent antifungal properties to fight flakes, and peppermint helps stimulate follicles and encourage growth. 

7. Wear a Cap

Do you live for the water? You probably know that all that chlorine isn’t good for your locks. 

If you hit the pool for exercise, get a properly fitted swim cap. You’ll become more hydrodynamic by reducing drag, and you’ll protect your mane from chemicals. 

8. Wash Only When Needed

Your scalp contains oils that coat your hair shafts and keep it looking sleek and shiny. However, if you shower every day, you strip away this protective layer, which can leave your locks damage-prone. 

How often you should wash your hair varies depending on how dry your complexion is. Many people do fine with every other day — if yours is fine and brittle, you might go as long as a week between shampoos. 

9. Hang Loose at Night

Keeping your hair in a ponytail overnight is a recipe for breakage. The friction from your pillow causes strands to get caught. 

If you spent a bundle on braids, you’ll understandably want to keep your style. However, if you are a DIY-sort with a few barrettes, take them out before you hit the hay. You’ll find fewer strands on your pillow. 

10. Satin Sheets All the Way

Friction isn’t your hair’s friend. The problem goes beyond static — it can dry strands, leaving them prone to breakage. 

Reduce the rope-burn on your locks with a satin pillowcase. This fabric reduces drag, preventing wrinkles on your face as a bonus. 

Love Your Luxurious Locks With These 10 Homemade Hair Care Tips 

If you feel a bit wild and woolly emerging from quarantine, tame your mane with one of these ten homemade hair care tips. You’ll look fabulous even before you return to the salon. 

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