10 Fun Games for Couples to Strengthen Your Bond

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Fun Games for Couples
Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Wednesday August 4, 2021

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Fun Games for Couples

Are you and your partner in a bit of a slump? How about a little entertainment to spice up your romance? The games below work perfectly on a date night for two. They also come in handy for when you throw that first post-vaccination dinner party for your friends. Try these ten fun games for couples to strengthen your bond today. 

1. Heads Up

Can you play poker with just two people? You can, and it’s called Heads-Up No Limits Texas Hold ‘Em — here’s what to do with your deck of cards. 

The biggest difference is that in multiplayer play, the dealer posts the long blind and the first player posts the small blind. In the heads-up 2-player version of the game, you reverse this scenario. Otherwise, the game progresses the same way you play regular Texas Hold ‘Em. 

2. Twister

Has the spark gone out of your passion? Why not reignite it with a rousing game of Twister? 

You can make up whatever variation of the box rules that you like. You’ll get a fitness bonus with this game as you twist your way to reach the various colored circles. You’ll also need to get up close and personal with the one you love most. 

3. Personalized Jenga

Jenga is a fun game for couples, even if you don’t add a unique twist. However, you can improve communication in your relationship by doing so. 

Get your label maker ready and write a question on each of the logs intended to better understand your partner. You might include things like asking them to describe their ideal birthday or dream house. When you pull out a piece, you have to answer the query on your game piece.

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4. Team Sonic Racing

Who said that every fun game for couples required a game board or deck of cards? People invented game consoles for a reason — they’re fun. 

Team Sonic Racing has you navigating your vehicle among stunning worlds. This multiplayer game lets you and your partner work together on strategy during group game nights. Alternatively, you can go head to head. 

5. Truth or Dare

Who said that your game needed any equipment at all? Take a hint from the under-18 set and play truth or dare to learn more about each other. 

If you want, you can make rules, such as that each person must choose “truth” at least once. Challenge yourself to make the dares hilarious.

6. A Way Out 

Are you a fan of the classic movie “The Shawshank Redemption?” Find out what you would do if you and your mate suddenly found yourself like Red and Andy Dufresne. 

Could you make it out of prison? This game makes cooperation the central focus, and you and your partner must work together to break free. 

7. Balloon Painting

Playing fun games as a couple helps to ease stress. If you want to add laughter and make it even more tension-taming, try balloon painting. 

In this game, you paint caricatures of people or situations responsible for raising your blood pressure. You might include things in the news or your landlord’s proposed mid-pandemic rent increase. Mount the balloons on a safe surface like a pegboard and take turns throwing darts and making your troubles disappear with a poof —  point scored. 

8. Adult Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions is a game-night classic that’s great for the dinner party crowd. You can also play a 2-person variation on a quiet evening. 

To modify this game for two people, eliminate the requirement that the player with the best answer also moves — unless you want to end up with a tie. If so, enjoy trying to guess your partner’s response and seeing how close you can match their reply. 

9. Choose Your Adventure Games

Do you fondly remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from when you were a child? The video game geniuses that be have made these into playable adventures for your console. 

You and your partner can encourage communication by playing each scenario together. You’ll have to come to a consensus on the best choice if you hope to survive. 

10. Fog of Love

The creator designed this fun game for couples for two players. It’s great to play if your love is new — how will your partner respond to various dating scenarios? 

For example, what will your mate do when your parents and their opinions arrive for their first visit? You can role-play the hilarious circumstances before they occur. 

Play These 10 Fun Games for Couples to Strengthen Your Bond

If you and your partner need to strengthen your bond, try these ten fun games for couples. You’ll have a blast, and the shared laughter will make you feel closer. 

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