Achieving Pretty Natural Nails With and Without Polish

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday April 18, 2024

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There’s no doubt that having brightly colored nails is fun, but there’s just a certain beauty to having beautiful, natural-looking nails. These nude colors can make you seem quite elegant and attractive, making them ideal for special occasions and everyday wear.

And while this tiny detail can appear absolutely effortless, quite a bit of work goes into achieving the natural nail look. You can either go the nail polish route and paint your fingernails to seem natural or go with the age-old way of caring for your nails.

Trending Natural Nails

Natural nails have become quite the trend for people. To achieve this, you can simply use a soft pink nude nail polish to cover the whole surface of the nail. If you’re using acrylics, you can still use the same color on top.

Keep in mind that there are different shades of nude colors. If you have a darker skin tone, use a dark nude color like a dusty rose. People with paler skin tones can opt for a meringue rosette. That way, you can still achieve that subtle but natural nail look.

To go the extra mile, draw in the lunula, the white semi-circle on the edge of the nail plate. If you have oval or almond nails, you can create a small crescent with white polish at the end of your nail. For square nails, you can apply the nail polish in a straight line. Just follow the flow of your nail shape and finish off with a glossy or matte top coat.

Caring for Your Actual Natural Nails

Painted polish can give the illusion of beautiful nails. That said, it can still be quite nice to have your natural nails appear as beautiful without the extra varnish. Practice a bit of nail care to keep them smooth and pretty.

1. Keep them Clean

Natural nails are attractive because they appear clean and aesthetically pleasing. Without polish, it can expose a lot of your nail plate and lunula, so keep this as clean as possible. You can start by removing the dirt under your natural nails with a manicure brush.

From there, you can trim and file your fingernails to your preferred length and shape. Since your natural nails are prone to breaking and peeling, it’s important to be slow and gentle with your motions. If anything hurts, you should hit pause and inspect the skin around your nails.

2. Be Careful with Nail Cosmetics

Nail cosmetics are fantastic for expressing yourself, but it’s important to take a few steps to protect your natural nails is important. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Be selective with products: Almost all nail polishes use pigments to achieve a certain color. These ingredients can be used quite liberally, which can stain your nails with a different color. While it’s completely natural, look for stain-free nail polish formulas. Ask around for recommendations or go through some trial and error.
  • Add a base coat: If all nail polish seems to stain on you, the next best thing you can do is to use a base coat. Having a protective barrier between your nail plate and pigmented polish can minimize the amount of staining. You can even add nude-colored nail polish between the base coat and your actual polish to make the nail cover thicker.
  • Use acrylics carefully: If you’re a fan of acrylics, be careful with application and removal to avoid damage. Before adding them on, use some nail primer as a protective barrier. After having the acrylics on for a couple of days, soak cotton balls in acetone, put them on your nails and wrap them in foil. 
  • Visit reputable nail studios: A nail salon can be an easy way to get a manicure without breaking a sweat. You can even request natural nails from the experts there. Just be sure you’re going to a reputable studio that practices proper hygiene. That way, your nails will be in good hands.

3. Hydrate and Oil Them

Natural nails tend to dry due to a variety of reasons. Being a regular polish wearer can contribute to it, but aging is also a key factor. Make a habit of hydrating them to add some moisture and keep them healthy.

Many people recommend jojoba oil to boost the moisture in your nails, but you can also utilize almond and tea tree oil. Be sure to follow it up with a hand cream or lotion to lock in the hydration your liquids provide.

4. Avoid Applying Pressure

Since your natural fingernails are prone to breaking, be cautious of chipping or breaking at all times. For instance, when you need to open a package, don’t dig your nails to tear into them. Instead, try to use scissors or ask for help from others.

If you have a couple of household chores to do, you can also practice wearing gloves. This is especially helpful when handwashing dishes. Running water can weaken your nails and make them prone to splitting.

5. Watch What You Eat

You should also be cautious of your diet to achieve beautifully natural nails. Not getting certain nutrients can leave your nails a little brittle and dull-looking, so review what you’re eating and see what you can change up.

For instance, biotin can help with healthy cell regeneration that will strengthen your nails. Make a hearty breakfast with eggs and cheese to get your daily fix of this. You can also consider supplements upon the approval of your doctor.

6. Look at Your Nails

Speaking of medication, it’s important to pay attention to your natural nails. While they can help contribute to your aesthetic appearance, this part of your body can reflect a lot about the state of your health. 

For instance, maybe your nails will appear blue. Blue nails are relatively normal in low temperatures, but they should return to a natural color when you’re all warmed up. If it continues to look the same, it might be cyanosis. Cyanosis occurs when the fingers and toes aren’t getting enough oxygen due to a certain illness.

If your nails seem to have an odd color or if they’re void of any hue, it’s best to seek medical attention. Getting it checked can give you some peace of mind. Plus, treatment can help you return to a better physical condition with healthier nails.

Get the Natural Nail Look Candidly

Natural nails can seem plain, but their simplicity is exactly what’s appealing about it. Follow the guide above to achieve this look. Whether you use polish or go the old-fashioned way, find joy in these nails’ beautiful appearance.

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