How to Choose Nails for Any Hand or Finger Shape

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When was the last time you thought about your hand shape? Probably never! It’s important to consider this factor before you get a manicure. If you want to choose the best nails for small hands, for example, you’ll need to pick a different style than others would select.

Here are a few ways to select the right nail style for your hand and finger shape. Then, you can achieve the most flattering look.

Almond and Oval Nails

If you have short, full fingers, you should choose styles that elongate them to achieve a more elegant look – and almond or oval nails need to be your first choice. These styles won’t feel overly bold or harsh. Instead, they’ll give your hands a refined, sassy appearance.

An almond style looks a little rounded but has a more tapered top so that it looks like an almond. The oval style rounds completely. You can wear either shape at whatever length you prefer, though a longer acrylic can help your fingers look slimmer.

Square and Squoval Nails

Those with long, slim fingers should try square-shaped nails. This choice will allow your fingers to look less skinny. While no one wants “stubby” hands, no one wants “skeleton” hands, either. A square nail can help you achieve a little balance if that’s what you’d prefer.

Square nails have flat tips with square edges. They can be long or short. If you think that the edges look too harsh, try a squoval shape instead. This nail type combines a square and oval to create a softer square. If you’re after nails for small hands and you like the square shape, go for the squoval. The rounded edges can make your fingers look more prominent.

Coffin and Stiletto Nails

If you’re not a huge almond or oval fan, there’s always coffin or stiletto. These nail styles create a more dramatic appearance that looks best on those with smaller hands. The various proportions cause an illusion that makes your fingers look longer. Here are the differences between each:

  • Coffin – Also known as the ballerina style, the coffin nail shape is long and slender. They resemble a coffin, or ballerina’s slipper, as they taper at the top with a square tip.
  • Stiletto – Somewhat like the coffin nail, the stiletto nail style rounds toward the top of the nail and finishes with a dramatic point. It mirrors a stiletto high heel shoe.

If you want to try either of these nail shapes, you’ll likely need acrylics. Only those with strong and sturdy nail beds can pull off these nail styles naturally.

Round Natural Nails

You don’t always have to choose an extreme nail shape. Everyone looks terrific with natural round nails. If you have a wide nail bed, that’s even better, as this nail style can make “chubby” fingers look less so. Plus, round nails don’t require an appointment with your nail technician – you can achieve this nail shape at home.

You’ll need to buff your natural nails so that your tips form a rounded shape. You can keep your nails as short as you please. Then, simply apply your favorite nail polish. Make sure to maintain the health of your nails so that they look their best.

Try These Nails for Your Hand or Finger Type

There are many options to consider – whether you want to try new nails for small hands or long fingers.

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