12 Unheard of Pregnancy Symptoms

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Friday January 22, 2021

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You’ve heard of pregnancy causing morning sickness and food cravings, but that doesn’t mean you know what’s ahead during your nine-month experience. Pregnancy is a little different for everyone, which is why it’s so important to read everything you can. Make sure you’re prepared for these 12 unheard of pregnancy symptoms so nothing catches you by surprise while you wait for your little one to arrive.

1. Metallic Taste in Your Mouth

Fluctuating hormone levels will affect all parts of your life, including your sense of taste. Even if you’re not eating anything, you might taste metal on your tongue. It’s a symptom called dysgeusia and causes a bitter or metallic sensation in your mouth. You can fight it by eating or drinking something citrusy.

2. Recurring Heavy Nosebleeds

During pregnancy, your body increases your blood volume to ensure nutrient and oxygen flow to the uterus. Blood vessels widen to cope with the additional blood, which makes them stretched thin. You could have recurring nosebleeds if your nasal membranes become sensitive to dry or cold climates.

3. Unexpected Bouts of Dizziness

Dizziness is also related to dilating blood vessels. As they widen and relax, it alters your blood pressure. It’s a fairly common symptom, but not one that’s often discussed outside of doctor’s offices.

4. Persistent Periods of Constipation

Even if you eat high-fiber foods and stay active, you could have to deal with persistent periods of constipation. Progesterone is one of the main pregnancy hormones and it relaxes the intestinal muscle that pushes waste through your system.

In addition to eating a fiber-focused diet, you can eat foods that reduce morning sickness to make every meal even more helpful. Some of those foods will also help move things along, so try something new if your regular diet isn’t helping your bowel movements.

5. Light to Mild Cramping

As your baby grows, your uterus expands. The growth can cause mild cramping during every trimester. If your doctor notes that the cramps aren’t anything to worry about and you’re still on edge because of them, it’s worth talking to them about your nerves. Pregnancy can be stressful and alert you to chronic anxiety that may have been an underlying issue well before you conceived. 

6. Extreme Sense of Smell

Your hormones can also give you an extreme sense of smell. Women mention that it’s one of the sure signs that you’re pregnant, but what people don’t talk about is how frequently this symptom appears. According to research, sensitivities may appear only for some odorants like gasoline and menthol. It isn’t a side effect that every pregnant person will experience, which is the unheard of part of this symptom.

7. Frequent Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are most commonly associated with menopause, but they can also happen during pregnancy. Your body temperature will rise and fall more often because it’s compensating for your baby. Avoid going outside when it’s too warm out so you don’t accidentally trigger an episode of these hot flashes.

8. Bleeding and Sensitive Gums

Around 40% of women will experience a bout of pregnancy gingivitis because of their increased progesterone. This hormone creates a better environment for certain bacteria to grow in your mouth. Meet with your dentist if you can’t brush your teeth or floss without discomfort or excessive bleeding.

9. Bumps and Hives

Pregnancy often causes rashes, but those can also turn into bumps and hives. It’s a condition known as pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP). It usually happens during the third trimester and can be easily treated. Use a moisturizing lotion to solve the problem and consult your doctor if the itching or dryness prevents you from living your life.

10. Sharp Back and Leg Pain

As your baby develops, your uterus’ size and weight can put pressure on the sciatica nerve and send sharp pains down your back or legs. Your doctor can advise the best form of treatment for your pain, depending on where you are in your pregnancy.

11. Numb Legs at Night

Restless leg syndrome can affect anyone, but some women will experience it only when they’re pregnant. It may happen if your uterus presses on nerve endings when you sit or lie down. Getting sleep is an essential part of what helps in your last trimester, so it’s critical to get a good night’s sleep. If the numbness keeps you up at night, it may be time to schedule a visit with your doctor.

12. Extra Hair Growth

The extra estrogen needed to ensure a healthy pregnancy prolongs the anagen phase of hair growth instead of transitioning your body into the resting telogen phase. You could see hair growing in places you didn’t have it before, like your face and your belly. It should subside after you give birth and isn’t a reason for alarm.

Call Your Doctor

These 12 unheard of pregnancy symptoms can sometimes cause expecting moms to panic. It’s always safe to call your doctor and get their thoughts on whatever you experience. They’ll evaluate the symptoms with your health history and help you figure out how to live comfortably until your baby arrives.

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