8 Best Foods for Morning Sickness

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Sunday December 20, 2020

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Morning sickness is often the first pregnancy symptom women experience. It’s an unfortunate side effect of expanding your family, and sometimes it lasts well past your first few weeks of pregnancy. Even though your hormones might keep it around for a while, there are a few ways you can deal with it so it doesn’t disrupt your life.

Check out the eight best foods for morning sickness, so you get the nutrition you need without offending your nose. Combat your nausea with these foods, and you’ll find more comfort while this symptom lasts.

1. Unflavored Crackers

Your stomach is constantly producing acid to break down anything you eat. You don’t usually notice it because it’s a normal part of your digestive tract, but your body becomes more sensitive to it because of pregnancy hormones.

If you wake up and start your day on an empty stomach, the hydrochloric acid eats away at your stomach lining until you give it food. Unflavored crackers won’t have a strong taste or smell, so they’re the best choice to ease your stomach without triggering any vomiting.

2. Hard Candies

Low blood sugar can induce a feeling of nausea and trigger morning sickness even if your hormones aren’t actively causing it. Keeping hard candies by your bed or in your car can help. Suck on them when you feel nauseous to see if there’s any improvement.

You can also find hard candies or lollipops designed to help with nausea, based on their ingredients or flavor.

3. Ginger Tea

If the thought of solid food makes your stomach worse, try ginger tea. It’s one of the best foods for morning sickness because ginger is a powerful antiemetic. People have used it to treat stomach ailments for centuries, and recent research proved that it effectively cures nausea and vomiting with gingerols and shogaols.

Since doctors advise that pregnant women avoid caffeinated coffee and drinks, starting your day with ginger tea will still give you something warm to sip on while you overcome your nausea.

4. Carbonated Water

Anyone who isn’t into tea can reach for carbonated water every morning instead. The fizzy beverage will lower your stomach’s acidity and dissipate any lingering nausea. Just be careful about how many carbonated drinks you have. Sodas with artificial sweeteners will spike your blood sugar, which leads to birth defects and possible miscarriage. Aim for unsweetened beverages if you feel the need for them all day long.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Morning sickness can get worse if you have a buildup of amino acids. Vitamin B6 will process those amino acids to reduce nausea. Although your doctor may approve of a vitamin B6 supplement, you can find it naturally in sweet potatoes.

Boil them, bake them or air fry them to include more of this vitamin in your diet. After speaking with your doctor, they may recommend other daily vitamins as well. They’re a nutritional support system that aids pregnancy, as well as personal benefits like assisting in nail growth and keeping your skin healthy.

6. Yogurt

High progesterone and estrogen levels can alter your gut microbiome composition, resulting in intense nausea even into the afternoons and evenings. Probiotics will balance this out and return your digestive system to normal. Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics that you can eat on its own, mix into smoothies or even stir into sauces. 

Eating more yogurt could also help with any depression or anxiety brought on by your pregnancy. When probiotics remove the bad bacteria in your gut, you’ll experience decreased side effects from these mental health conditions. It all leads to a happier, more enjoyable pregnancy, which is something every woman deserves.

7. Toast

A slice of toast gives your stomach something to work on, so you reduce the acidic contents building up in the otherwise empty space. You can also narrow down your choices by opting for sourdough toast. The sourdough fermentation process breaks down a common carbohydrate known as fructan. Traditional yeast doesn’t break this carb down because it rises too quickly, triggering gluten sensitivity reactions that you attribute to all bread.

See how sourdough toast sits in your stomach during your next round of morning sickness. Top it with a dollop of butter, peanut butter or your favorite sweetener-free jelly. Eating food with a well-rounded nutrient profile assists with pregnancy progression and helps defeat nausea. 

8. Mint Tea

People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and stomach illnesses often drink mint tea. Peppermint tea is non-caffeinated, so you can drink it at any time of the day.

Spearmint tea is a similar kind of mint. When brewed as tea, it, relaxes the stomach muscles which can heighten your nausea when they’re tense. Find an organic sweetener that’s easy on your blood sugar, so you can make your cups of tea as sweet as you like.

Keep Emergency Foods Stocked

As you try these eight best foods for morning sickness, keep track of what works best for you. Stock up on the dry goods like teas and crackers, so you always have them on hand in case of an emergency. They’ll comfort your stomach and make your pregnancy more enjoyable from the start.

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