The 5 Best Hair Growth Serums Backed by Science

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Friday April 26, 2024

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Achieving long, gorgeous locks isn’t always easy. Years of hair damage or genetic predispositions sometimes keep people from the hairstyles they want. Compare these options to find the best hair growth serums for length and thickness. Your long hair will be bouncier and softer after a few weeks or months of use.

1. Jardient Veganic Natural Hair Growth Serum

Anyone who wants long hair from a cruelty-free product can consider Jardient’s rosemary hair oil. The serum is a gentle, plant-based formula that minimizes shedding after 90 days of daily use. Apply a few drops in your hair to start the process, thanks to the amino acids in each bottle. Amino acids fortify hair follicles so they retain each strand longer, allowing more length to develop.

2. Pefamne Minoxidil Biotin Hair Growth Oil

Biotin is an essential hair growth nutrient. It gets straight to your roots and makes each strand stronger, so there’s less breakage. While you can get it from whole foods like onions, Pefamne uses it to make one of the best hair growth serums.

By combining biotin with five percent minoxidil, which stimulates hair growth in old follicles, Pefamne presents a powerful hair growth tool to consumers. Use it twice daily in areas with thinning hair patches to restore your thick locks.

3. Nutrafol Hair Serum With Ashwagandha Exosomes

If you don’t want to add an oily product to your oil-prone scalp, consider Nutrafol’s hair serum. It’s a liquid hair growth product that won’t leave a greasy shine because it features plant-based ingredients. Specifically, the ashwagandha exosomes kickstart hair follicle growth even if you’ve lost hair in the same spots for years. Apply it once daily to get thicker, more robust locks that thrive longer between trimming appointments at the salon.

4. The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Vegan Hair Growth Serum

Amino acid peptides are macronutrients that assist with hair growth by making your cells stronger. The cells helping your hair follicles produce strands will deliver nutrients to solve follicle deficiencies after routine amino acid absorption.

The Ordinary’s newest hair density serum doubles as one of the best hair growth serums. You’ll get silky, strong strands while soothing the cells around your scalp. Massage a few odorless drops into your scalp for a few minutes once a day to experience the best results in three months.

5. Psalmonica Rice Water Hair Growth Oil

People don’t often picture rice when they think about hair growth, but it provides essential nutrients the scalp needs to grow long hair and maintain it. When applied on the scalp, rice water stimulates cell proliferation, making the hair grow back faster.

Psalmonica’s hair growth oil doubles its efficacy with essential nutrients like vitamin B, amino acids, biotin and antioxidants. Spray the rosemary-scented product directly on your roots twice a day for a month to gain healthier, longer hair.

Achieve Your Beauty Goals With the Best Hair Growth Serums

These budget-friendly solutions are some of the best hair growth serums on the market. Try them at home to get the hairstyle you dream about without breakage or hair loss delaying your final look.

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