Nothing Stays Forever: How Long Do Hair Extensions Last? 

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Thursday May 2, 2024

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Extensions are just like a great relationship. It’s present with you through day or night. They help build up your self-esteem. They let you experiment with different things. But just like all things, they can’t stay forever. It is essential to recognize your hairpieces’ limitations and accept how long do hair extensions last.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Really Last?

Extensions as they are can last from a few months to a whole year. Some can even go up to two years, but that’s under the presumption you won’t use them. 

You can usually tell your hair extension’s life span is over when it starts to shed different strands or dry up. If you feel uncomfortable wearing the hair pieces, a replacement may also be time.

Factors Affecting Your Extensions

To narrow down how long do hair extensions last, assess a couple of factors. The main ones to look out for are hair extension type, quality and use.

1. Type of Hair Extensions

The life span of certain hairpieces can change depending on your type. Many variations are available online and in stores, which explains why the global hair wigs and extensions market is projected to hold a value of $13.28 billion by 2026.

Here’s an overview of different types of hair extensions and how long they may last with regular use:

  • Clip-in hair extensions: Clip-in extensions are hairpieces attached to small metal clips you connect to your current hair. These weftts can be quite voluminous in nature, especially if they’re big in width. They can last around three months to about half a year.
  • Tape-in hair extensions: Tape-in extensions offer a seamless look to your hair, installing strands with a pre-glued tab. A precise applicated is required when putting on tape-ins. When cared for properly, they can last about two to three months.
  • Sew-in hair extensions: Also known as permanent extensions, sew-in hair extensions are strands sewn on an almost transparent cloth strip. Thanks to their application, they can adhere to your hair quite well compared to glued options. But contrary to its name, permanent extensions only last about less than three months.
  • Fusion hair extensions: Fusion hair extensions or bonded hair extensions are hairpieces attached to the hair with keratin bonds and heat. These hair pieces last for about three to six months.
  • Headband wig: A headband wig can help you get ready in minutes, adding instant style and volume to your hair without a fuss. As a headband wig is easier to apply and remove than other extensions, these can last for a year or more.

2. Hair Extension Quality

Quality can also be a significant determining factor in how long your locks will last. High-quality human hair extensions can be quite an investment, but they seem more natural when worn. Human hair extensions also have quite a longer life span. Meanwhile, synthetic extensions are prone to damage despite being affordable.

3. Frequency of Use

How much you intend to wear your extensions can impact their life span. Putting them out of storage and using them can expose the hairpieces to various environments. If you intend to use them regularly, it’s important to care for them. Low use and good maintenance routines can extend the quality of your hairpieces.

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Tips to Keep Your Hair Extensions Long-Lasting

Now that we know how long hair extensions last, the next question is how to make them long-lasting. There are a variety of maintenance tips to adopt in your routine to keep your hair extensions quality and usable.

1. Be Conscious of Heat Damage

Heat damage is the number one enemy of hair extensions, especially clip-ins and tape-ins. When you warm up the glue that binds all the pieces together, it can make the strands slip off or split apart. Try not to stay out in the sun too much. Opt for heat protectants if you want to use a hot curling iron or straightener to style your hair.

2. Avoid Sweating During Wear

Having a nice head of hair at the beach or pool can give you a photogenic look. However, it’s recommended to leave the extensions out if you plan to go swimming. This can ensure you aren’t exposing the hair pieces to chlorine or ocean salt, which can frizz up and damage your faux hair pieces.

3. Protect Your Hair When Sleeping

Ever woke up like Anna from Frozen? The tangles can deplete the life span of your hair extensions. Consider putting all your hair in a cap and scarf when heading to sleep If you move around too much, consider satin pillowcases. This material is perfect for lessening friction on your hair strands. They work for your natural locks, as well as your extensions.

4. Check Your Hair Product Details

It’s essential to be vigilant with what products you use, especially when you have extensions on. Even human hair variations can be affected by certain ingredients. For instance, different kinds of sulfate and alcohol can dry out your hair. Meanwhile, shea butter products can pump in moisture to your hairpieces.

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5. Moisturize and Condition

Keep your extensions moisturized if you want to keep them around for a while. Conduct a weekly deep conditioning routine to tend to these hairpieces. Ideally, you’ll use a moisturizing shampoo and leave-in conditioner. When you rinse, remember to skip the blower and give them ample time to air dry.

6. Brush Regularly

Make a habit of brushing your extensions. Make sure that these locks are dry as you go through them. A bigger brush with multiple bristles can help gently pull out tangles. You can also practice using your fingers to comb through the strands. Just be mindful of which parts of your natural strands the extensions are attached to.

7. Ensure Proper Removal and Storage

If you want to give your extensions a break, remember to follow the removal process for your hairpiece. Go to a professional hair salon if you have to. And once they’re out of your hair, store them away properly. You can neatly stack the extensions away in a bag and hide them in a cabinet. Ensure they’re at room temperature and free of tangles to prevent damage.

Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

Extensions may only last for a couple of weeks, so most people recommend getting multiple sets under your possession. However, you can also preserve their quality by using the ones you already have. Follow the tips above to keep your hairpieces and overall look fabulous.

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