5 Essential Health Benefits of Bananas

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Friday July 24, 2020

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It may not surprise you to know that bananas are the most popular fresh fruit across America. They’re incredibly versatile – from banana bread to banana pancakes to banana muffins, it’s as if there are endless uses for this fruit. Plus, they provide many health benefits that can singlehandedly improve your diet!

Here are five essential health benefits of bananas.

1. They Regulate High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure issues, it’s important to find a way to regulate your sodium intake. A nutrient called potassium can help decrease constant strain on your body’s cardiovascular system. It’s also possible that an increased potassium intake would limit your potential to have a stoke, as they’re associated with high blood pressure.

Many fruits and vegetables contain potassium – and bananas are a major source for this nutrient. If you want to increase your daily potassium intake, it may be helpful to eat more bananas!

2. They Improve Digestive System Issues

You may be able to experience a regulated digestive system if you consume a few bananas each day. This fruit contains enough fiber and starch to make a difference for your digestive health issues. If you don’t eat enough fiber, you’ll likely experience problems like constipation.

You should consume slightly ripened bananas if you want to pursue a better digestive system. As a banana ripens, it loses its fiber contents. You may also want to pair bananas with other fiber-rich foods like prunes and oats.

3. They Boost Memory and Mood

Bananas contain tryptophan. This essential amino acid creates niacin, or vitamin B3. Your brain uses niacin to build and maintain serotonin levels – and these components provide many advantages. These perks include improved sleep, anxiety relief and better memory. 

Your body can’t generate tryptophan on its own, so you have to consume it through food like bananas. That said, you shouldn’t consider tryptophan as a cure-all for these issues. It’s more like an aid that can provide a helpful boost.

4. They Could Aid Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, bananas can be a useful resource! The starches that provide high fiber can also help people feel fuller as they eat. As a result, it’s easier to avoid extra snacks or additional meals that can increase weight gain. Plus, you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

Those who tend to overeat may want to try bananas as a healthy way to curb their appetite. For example, it could help to eat a banana with breakfast so that you stay full until lunch.

5. They Reduce Exercise-Related Cramps

You may already eat bananas to relieve cramps if you’re an athlete. When you exercise, it’s common for your muscles to contract as your body becomes more dehydrated and tired. Aside from water and rest, you’ll want to repair your muscles with a few key nutrients.

Bananas contain simple carbohydrates and essential minerals that can prevent cramps. Additionally, potassium can reduce cramps associated with exercise. While they can’t relieve cramps, it can help to eat a banana as a pre-workout snack.

Bananas Aren’t Only Delicious – They’re Nutritious, Too

There are many health benefits of bananas. Whether you want a fruit that can lower blood pressure or increase healthy sleep, you can’t mess up when you choose a banana!

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