5 Mood Board Examples to Inspire You

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Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Monday February 20, 2023

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New and innovative designs can help reignite your creativity. Mood board examples can spark your imagination.

Mood boards are an excellent tool for communicating your ideas and thoughts in professional and personal settings. They help you harness all your inspiration for a concept and showcase its best features. Here are five examples to inspire you.

1. Branding aesthetics

A mood board is an excellent starting point if you are starting a new chapter in your life and need to establish a brand identity. You can bring all your ideas for the aesthetics, colors, feelings, fonts, and patterns you want to your mood board. You can experiment with the combinations and you’ll find one that fits your style the best.

The elements in these mood boards develop a brand identity through style and aesthetics that encapsulate the project’s look and feel.

2. Fashion 

Fashion designers and students can use a mood board like this to plan the style, colors, materials, and textures. They can add fabrics, color palettes, sketches, and other elements to the board to see their vision come to life.

If you’re pitching ideas to a client, you can include background information to show sources for your inspiration.

3. Websites

When building a new website, the layout and design are vital. You can research other websites, like the ones featured here, to find elements and styles you may want to emulate on your own site. Create a mood board to help you decide what text fonts, images, colors, page numbers, and other details you want to have represented on your website.

4. Vision board

You can also curate personal mood boards like these, focusing on your everyday routines or aspirations you have for the future. Your mood or vision board can include affirmations, personal photos, and your goals and plans for achieving them.

The elements you choose and how you arrange them can reflect your style.

5. Interior design

Mood boards are also great tools for interior designers. When you need to plan the decorations, furniture, color schemes, and more for a room, you can create a mood board to organize your thoughts. You can establish a theme for your board based on the style and atmosphere you want to exhibit in the room you’re designing.

Experiment with different furniture, decoration layouts, and color palettes until you find the best for you.

A Mood Board for Any Project

Your mood boards are subject to endless creative possibilities. The mood board examples you see could spark new ideas for your design style and are a great way to express yourself.

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