What Is My Passion: 6 Tips for Finding Your LIfe’s Purpose

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What Is My Passion
Author Name: Lucas Cook
Date: Monday January 17, 2022

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Viktor Frankl once wrote, “Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose. The recent pandemic allowed humanity to reflect on what matters most, and you might be one of the many shrugging off the shroud of societal expectations to live your passions. 

What if you aren’t sure what constitutes your dream job or ideal life? If you find yourself asking, “what is my passion,” consider these six tips for finding your purpose. 

1. Reflect on Your Childhood 

What did you want to be when you grew up — back in the days when you didn’t consider things like student loan debt? Were you always out designing bigger and better play forts? Did you love nothing more than putting your Easy Bake oven to the test?

The activities you enjoyed in youth offer valuable clues to your life’s passion. Reconnecting with these loves reignites your sense of wonder and enthusiasm. 

Seek creative ways to use these gifts. For example, if you loved helping your folks in the kitchen, perhaps you could start a YouTube baking channel tailored to parents of small children. If you lived on the soccer field, could you use your skills as a coach for a youth league? 

2. Listen for Echoes 

Chances are, you’ve probably heard that you’re good at certain things more than once. Maybe you’re the Mr. or Mrs. Fixit your friends always turn to when they need to repair a leaky faucet or build an addition on their deck. Perhaps everyone’s always told you that you write like Stephen King. 

These echoes offer valuable insight into what your life’s passion is. If you enjoy picking up your toolkit and lending a hand whenever a friend has a need, perhaps you would thrive in the construction trades. 

3. Find Your Tribe  

The company you keep as an adult can help you answer the what’s my passion question. Do you find yourself drawn to the artsy crowd, spending your free time with your pals attending street fairs and galleries? Perhaps the universe is telling you that you should pick up a paintbrush.

What if you recently relocated and remained somewhat isolated due to COVID? There’s an app for everything these days — including meeting platonic mates. Consider options like Bumble BFF. Peanut is another good choice if you’re a new mom. Nextdoor and Meetup can connect you to events in your community where you can find like-minded pals. 

4. Consider Where You Volunteer 

Do you enjoy spending your free time giving back to your community? What types of activities draw your interest, if so? For example, if you can’t get enough hours as a volunteer dog walker for your local animal shelter, perhaps your calling lies in the veterinary field or even starting a rescue. 

Your time spent helping out in the local soup kitchen could help advance your career prospects in one concrete way. Your service looks terrific on a resume. It shows prospective employers that you take the initiative to use your skills to give back to your community. You can even include your volunteer work in the professional experience portion of your resume — a useful trick if you have an awkward gap or are new to your field. 

5. Spend Some Time Alone 

Ultimately, you are the best judge of what your passion is. However, if you spend your days racing from one obligation to the next with nary a breath in between, you might have lost touch with your inner drives and motivations. 

Taking time to meditate each day is a fabulous practice for many reasons. It can benefit your mental health and help you tune into your purpose. If you struggle to get started, you can find free guided versions on YouTube designed to do anything from motivating yourself to reach for your goals to getting in touch with your spirit guides. 

6. Follow Your Joy 

A wise person once said that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. This statement may or may not feel true on your most hectic days, but you’ll sail through the toughest schedule with a bigger smile if you enjoy your tasks. 

Ask yourself what genuinely makes you happy. Find a way to transform it into your life’s passion and career. You might have to start small at first, perhaps doing what you love as a side hustle. However, even big corporations once started as nothing more than someone’s dream. Why not see where your vision leads you?

What Is My Passion? Find Your Life’s Purpose

Please don’t feel like you have to settle for a life half-lived. Find your answer to the “what is my passion” question and discover your purpose and meaning in life. 

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