5 Prettiest Wedding Nail Colors for Brides

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Author Name: Mia Barnes
Date: Tuesday September 29, 2020

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You’ve stressed over your wedding dress for months – and finally, you’ve found your dream gown. Now, it’s time to add stylish accessories, like your veil, shoes and jewelry. What about your makeup? For many brides, this component isn’t the top priority, even though your nails are about to be front and center.

Before you walk down the aisle, consider these wedding nail colors for a pretty manicure.

1. Neutral Nudes and Browns

If you’re after a classic look, stick with a neutral color on your special day. Those with fairer skin tones should choose shades like MM by Olivia & June, which serves up a lightly toasted and pinkish look. A hue like OPI’s San Tan Tonio provides a brownish nude if you have a darker complexion.

These selections are more subdued, so they tend to add elegance to your already timeless look. You could also try a somewhat transparent nail polish to add a little sheen to your natural color. If you don’t care much about your nails, or you don’t want to draw away from other features, choose a neutral nude or brown.

2. Pastel or Sheer Pinks

A beautiful pastel pink looks gorgeous on any hand. Plus, if you plan to carry a bouquet with peonies or roses, a subtle pink manicure can be a perfect addition. Go for a slightly sheer shade, like Ballet Slippers by Essie. If you want a solid tone, try Sugar Spun by Heroine NYC. 

Both nail polishes offer a lovely pink look. Make sure to choose a gel polish, such as Madam Glam’s Baby Pink, if you want your nails to last through your honeymoon.

3. Icy, Grayish Blues

Maybe you have something borrowed, but what about the other part? If you’re not sure how to incorporate something blue, here’s a quick tip. When you sit down for your manicure, ask for an icy blue shade. Zoya’s Blu works as an attractive pastel choice. If you want a terrific color for a winter wonderland bash, try Birthday Grey by Essie.

The most romantic wedding nail colors align with the bride’s tastes. If you’re after a slightly bolder look, blue can help you make a statement that isn’t too over the top. Plus, if you have a cool-toned color palette, this polish should work perfectly.

4. Muted Floral-Inspired Purples

Those who aren’t huge fans of pink should try lavender or lilac as a beautiful alternative. Even if you don’t incorporate these shades into your bouquet, most purples can complement those traditional whites and creams that weddings feature. Your guests may expect a more muted tone, but you can still go edgy with these shades.

Try Fauntleroy by Smith & Cult for an elegant opaque lavender or Lilac by Kester Black for a soft and stunning purple. Make sure to pick up a bottle of your chosen nail polish so that you can make a repair kit to use on your big day. If one of your nails smudges, you’ll have to tools to fix it. 

5. Bare and Buffed Naturals

If you don’t want to spend time on your nails, you’ve got options, too. You definitely aren’t required to have a manicure for your wedding, so why not work with your natural nails? With a few standard care techniques, you can make your bare nails shine.

Follow these steps: file, buff, smooth and shine. Also, be sure to keep your cuticles moisturized and apply a clear top coat when finished. This way, your natural nails can look their best.

Use These Ideas for Wedding Nail Colors on Your Special Day

While your manicure isn’t as important as your dress, it’s still essential to make sure that your nails look fresh and healthy. Use these wedding nail colors on your special day.

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