Six Creative Ways to Style a Skirt

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Author Name: Beth Rush
Date: Monday September 28, 2020

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While we all know skirts can bring a fun, girly flair to an outfit, there’s so much more potential than meets the eye. 

If you have an old favorite skirt in your closet that’s going unworn, or maybe even some new beauties that you’re having trouble placing in your everyday wardrobe, there are plenty of creative ways to style skirts.

Let’s talk shapes: it might be worth considering what kind of skirts you gravitate towards. If you notice that your closet is filled with mini skirts you never wear, try going maxi for a change! You can even have a clothing swap or borrow pieces from a friend that inspire you to see how you feel in them. 

Sometimes all you need to change up your look and feel refreshed is a new length or shape.

Some of these ideas may be a bit unconventional, but taking fashion risks is part of the fun in finding your style! Feel free to experiment!

Go Simple

Especially if you’re trying to get a feel for a new skirt you’re having trouble placing in outfits, sometimes the best way to get your feet wet is to go as simple as possible. Try a neutral blouse or t-shirt with it and not too many accessories. Really let it be the star of the show!

Play With Vintage Silhouettes

Different skirt shapes and lengths will offer different silhouettes, but that’s the beauty of it! Especially if you’re working with fuller, more high-waisted skirts, it might be a no-brainer to go for that cute fifties inspired outfit. 

Even accessories can take your look back in time — think cute hair ribbons and lace socks!

Long, flowing maxis are also the perfect opportunity to call it back to the sixties or the nineties. Pair them with crop tops, sandals and flowing hair for a sweet Woodstock aesthetic, or with chunky boots and a cardigan to take it back to the nineties. 

Go Full Tomboy

Nearly any skirt can work for a cute, tomboy look. I’m talking baggy t-shirts, sneakers, jean jackets and messy hair. The juxtaposition of a masculine look with a skirt thrown in the mix is exciting and unexpected!

Punk it Out

In the same vein as the tomboy look, you could always go full-fledged punk rock. If the skirt you’re working with is a dark or muted neutral color, it’s a perfect opportunity to dip into the darker side of things.

Break out the chunky boots or Doc Martens, lay that eyeliner on thick and toss on your favorite band’s tour shirt! Style is all about having fun.

Wear a Dress as a Skirt

One of my favorite hacks to get the most mileage out of every item in your closet is wearing pieces in unexpected ways. Wearing clothes multiple ways is often a technique used by people who have capsule wardrobes, but I think everyone can benefit from finding new and exciting uses for the things they love.

Layering a t-shirt or sweater over a dress can turn your favorite frock into a cute skirt easily, and can even spice up the dress for you by giving it a new life in your closet!

Go Monochrome

If you’re having trouble deciding how to style a skirt, a head-to-toe monochrome outfit is a funky yet put-together option. Monochrome works for any color, whether you’re rocking all black everything or shining in a bright and bold red.

A tip for monochrome is not to get too caught up in exact color matching. A little hue variation can be nice! If your whole outfit is yellow from top to bottom, your socks don’t need to be the exact same tone as your blouse.

Rocking a skirt in a new and creative way is all about bringing your own flair and confidence to whatever you’re wearing. Whether you’re going sweet and simple or popping on a dark lip for your goth transformation, trying a new look is something to celebrate!

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